Last names starting in G

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Gabaldon, Nick

  • Wed, 1927-02-23

    *Nick Gabaldon was born on this date 1927. He was an African American Surfer and California’s first Black Surfing Legend.

    Born Nicolas...

Gafford, Alice T.

  • Sun, 1886-08-15

    *On this date in 1886, Alice Taylor Gafford was born. She was an African American nurse and artist.

    From Los Angeles, she was one of ten...

Gaillard, Slim

  • Wed, 1911-01-04

    Slim Gaillard, was born on this date in 1911. He was an African American singer, guitarist, pianist, vibist, tenor saxophonist, and composer....

Gaines, Clarence

Gaines, Ernest J.

Gaines, Irene M.

Gaines, Will

  • Thu, 1928-04-05

    Will Gaines was born on this date in 1928. He is an African-American dancer, the last in a long line of Jazz Hoofers.

    He was born in...

Gains, Joseph

  • Wed, 1874-11-25

    On this date, Joe Gans, African American professional boxer, was born in 1874.

    Born in Baltimore, Joseph Gaines (his name at birth) was a...

Gammon, Elijah H.

  • Sat, 1819-08-28

    *The birth of Elijah H. Gammon in 1819 is celebrated on this date. He was an White American minister, businessman and abolitionist.


Gardner Jr., LeRoy

Gardner, Christopher

Gardner, Ralph Alexander

Garner, Erroll

  • Fri, 1923-06-15

    This date marks the birthday of Erroll Garner in 1923. He was an African American keyboard artist who played and composed by ear in the tradition...

Garnet, Henry

  • Sat, 1815-12-23

    On this date in 1815, Henry H. Garnet was born. He was a Black theologian and abolitionist.

    Born in Kent County, MD, he was the son of...

Garnett, Kevin

  • Wed, 1976-05-19

    Kevin Maurice Garnett was born on this date in 1976. He was an African American professional basketball player.

    He was born in Mauldin S.C...

Garnett, Ruth M.

Garrett, Thomas

Garrison, William Lloyd

Garrison, Zina

  • Sat, 1963-11-16

    On this date in 1963, Zina Garrison Jackson was born. She was an African American tennis professional and is an activist for inner-city youth....

Garvey, Amy