Last names starting in N

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Nabrit III, James

  • Sat, 1932-06-11

    *James Nabrit III was born on this date in 1932. He was an African American civil rights attorney and legal activist.

    James Madison...

Nabrit, Samuel M.

  • Tue, 1905-02-21

    *Samuel Nabrit was born on this date in 1905. He was an African American biologist, educator, and activist.

    Samuel Milton Nabrit was born...

Napier, James

  • Mon, 1845-06-09

    *James C. Napier was born on this date in 1845. He was an Black businessman and politician.

    From Nashville, Tennessee his father William...

Napier, Nettie Langston

Nascimento, Abdias do

Nash, Charles E.

Nash, Diane

  • Sun, 1938-05-15

    *Diane Nash was born on this date in 1938. She is an African American activist, lecturer and businesswoman.

    From Chicago, Illinois...

Navarro, Theodore ("Fats")

Naylor, Gloria

Neal, Larry

Nell, William Cooper

Nelson, Annie Green

Nelson, Ida Gray

  • Wed, 1867-02-20

    *The birth of Ida Gray Nelson Rollins in 1867 is celebrated on this date. She was an African American dentist.

    Ida Gray was born in...

Nelson, Wally F.

  • Sat, 1909-03-27

    *Wallace F. "Wally" Nelson was born on this date in 1909. He was an African-American civil rights and peace activist.

    Raised in Little...

Newcombe, Don

  • Mon, 1926-06-14

    *Don Newcombe was born on this date in 1926. He is a retired African American baseball player.

    From Madison, New Jersey, nicknamed "...

Newman, Cecil

Newman, Isaiah

Newsome, Effie Lee

Newton, Demetrius

  • Thu, 1928-03-15

    *Demetrius Newton was born on this date in 1928. He was a politician and civil rights lawyer.

    Newton, a native of Fairfield, Ala. and...