Last names starting in R

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Rabb Jr., Maurice

Radcliffe, Ted

Rainey, Joseph

Rainey, Ma

Rains, Frances

Rains, Horace

  • Sat, 1912-01-13

    On this date in 1912, Horace Rain, an African American doctor and community activist, was born.

    He was was one of three sons born in...

Ramos, John

  • Thu, 1920-08-05

    *John F. Ramos, Jr. was on this date in 1920. He was an African American Physician and School Board Member.

    John Francis Ramos, Jr. was...

Randall, Dudley

  • Wed, 1914-01-14

    On this date in 1914, Dudley Randall was born. He was an African American poet, publisher, editor, and founder of Broadside Press.

    He was...

Randolph, A. Phillip

Randolph, Amanda

Randolph, Lillian

Randolph, Virginia E.

Rangel, Charles

Rankin, John

  • Mon, 1793-02-04

    *John Rankin was born on this date in 1793. He was a White American minister and abolitionist with the Underground Railroad.

    Rankin was...

Ransier, Alonzo

  • Fri, 1834-01-03

    On this date, Alonzo Jacob Ransier was born in 1834. He was an African American politician known for his honesty.

    Born free in...

Rashad, Phylicia

Rawls, Lou

  • Fri, 1933-12-01

    Louis Rawls was born on this date in 1933. He was an African American singer, entertainer, and education activist.

    Born in Chicago, Louis...

Ray, Charlotte

Ray, Henrietta Cordelia

Razaf, Andy

  • Sun, 1895-12-15

    On this date in 1895, Andriamanantena Paul Razafinkarefo, better known as Andy Razaf, was born. He was an African-American musical lyricist and...