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Amini, Johari Courts

Ammons, Gene

Anderson, Charles

Anderson, Charles Edward

  • Wed, 1919-08-13

    *Charles Edward Anderson was born on this date in 1919. He was an African American scientist specializing in meteorology.

    Anderson was...

Anderson, Eddie

  • Mon, 1905-09-18

    *On this date, Eddie (Rochester) Anderson was born in 1905. He was an African American actor best known for his comic portrayal of the character...

Anderson, Ivie

  • Fri, 1905-01-13

    On this date we celebrate the birth of Ivie Anderson, She was an African American singer.

    Born in Gilroy, CA, Ivie Marie Anderson was...

Anderson, Marian

Anderson, Michael P.

Anderson, Osbourne Perry

  • Tue, 1830-07-27

    *Osborne Perry Anderson was born on this date in 1830.  He was a Black abolitionist.

    From in West Fallow Field, Pennsylvania, Anderson...

Anderson, Regina M.

Anderson, Violette

Angelou, Maya

  • Wed, 1928-04-04

    *Maya Angelou was born on this date in 1928. She was an African American poet, historian, author, actress, playwright, civil-rights activist,...

Anthony, Susan B.

Antoine, Albert Cornelius.

Aoki, Richard

  • Sun, 1938-11-20

    *Richard Aoki was born on this date in 1938. He was an Asian American civil rights activist.

    Richard Masato Aoki was born in San Leandro...


  • Fri, 1950-07-07

    *On this date in 1950, the Population Registration Act No 30 of 1950 began in South Africa; the beginning of South African Apartheid.


Arie, India

  • Fri, 1975-10-03

    *India Arie was born on this date in 1975. She is an African American singer, musician, and songwriter.

    From Denver, Colorado, India...

Armstrong, Henry

  • Thu, 1912-12-12

    On this date, we mark the birth of Henry Armstrong in 1912. He was an African American boxer, the only professional boxer to hold three world...

Armstrong, Louis

Armwood, Blanche

  • Mon, 1922-01-23

    *Blanche Armwood was born on this date in 1890. She was an African American teacher, lawyer and activist.

    Armwood was born into a well-...