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Arnett, Benjamin W.

  • Tue, 1838-03-06

    *Benjamin W. Arnett was born on this date in 1838. He was a Black administrator, politician, and minister.

    Arnett was a Republican...

Arnold, Kokomo

  • Fri, 1901-02-15

    *Kokomo Arnold was born on this date in 1901. He was an African American blues musician.

    From Lovejoy, Georgia born James Arnold, he...

Arrington, Dwight "Heavy D"

  • Wed, 1967-05-24

    *Heavy D was born on this date in 1967. He was an African American Hip Hop/Rap artist.

    Born Dwight Arrington Myers in Mandeville, Jamaica...

Artemus, John

Artis, William

  • Mon, 1914-02-02

    *On this date in 1914 William Ellisworth Artis was born. He was an African-American artist.

    From Washington, N.C. young Artis moved to...

Asbury, Ida

  • Tue, 1869-01-19

    *Ida Elizabeth Asbury was born this date in 1869. She was an African American musician and teacher.

    She was from Philadelphia, the...

Ashe, Arthur

  • Sat, 1943-07-10

    Arthur Ashe was born on this date in 1943. He was an African American tennis player, author, activist and the first Black man to win a major...

Ashley, Maurice

Atkins, Cholly

  • Sat, 1913-09-13

    Cholly Atkins was born on this date in 1913. He was an African American choreographer and dancer.

    Born Charles Atkinson in Pratt City, AL...

Attaway, Ruth

Attaway, William

Attucks, Crispus

Audubon, John James

  • Tue, 1785-04-26

    *John Audubon was born on this date in 1785. He was a Black French American ornithologist, naturalist, and painter. He painted, cataloged, and...

Augusta, Alexander T.

  • Tue, 1825-03-08

    *Alexander Thomas Augusta was born on this date in 1825. He was a Black physician and educator.

    From Norfolk, Virginia, as a young man...

Augustine Jr., Israel M.

Augustine, Saint

  • Sat, 0354-11-13

    The birth of Saint Augustine in 354 is celebrated on this date. He was a North African Saint, Philosopher, and Doctor.

    He was the eldest...

Austin, Lovie

  • Mon, 1887-09-19

    *The birth of Lovie Austin was in 1887 is marked on this date. She was an African American piano player and band leader.

    From Chattanooga...

Avery, Charles A.

  • Fri, 1784-12-10

    *Charles Avery was born on this date in 1784. He was a White European merchant, businessman and abolitionist.

    Little is known of his...

Ayler, Albert