Black theatre for the heart, Jomandi Productions

Thu, 1978-08-24

The founding of Jomandi Productions, an African American Theatre Company in Atlanta in 1978 is celebrated on this date.

Jomandi was launched through an endowment of the Dr. Thomas W. Jones Memorial Scholarship of the Morehouse College Medical School. "Every Father's Child," the company's first production written by Thomas W. Jones II, was part of that tribute. The name Jomandi is a combination of the names of the Jones family members. Fittingly, in a Senegalese dialect the name means, "People gathered together in celebration."

Jomandi is Georgia's oldest and largest African-American theater company. It has emerged as a leading theater nationally in the production of new works and an important voice of its generation in American theater. Jomandi is a recipient of the "first-time" awards and other major grants from many large corporations and foundations. The company received the 1990 Governor's Award for the Arts and was the first African-American theater presented in New York's Joyce Theatre American Theatre Exchange. Jomandi was invited for two years to perform at Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors, and represented the South in Europe's "Other America" Festival.

In addition, Jomandi has been awarded eight of the sixteen nominations for the prestigious Helen Hayes Awards in Washington, D. C.


Jomandi Productions
173 14th St,
(14th Street Playhouse)
Atlanta, GA 30301

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