The Registry

Wed, 01.13.1808 story

Salmon P. Chase born

Salmon Portland Chase, a white man, was born on this date in 1808. He was a White American teacher, abolitionist, lawyer, and judge.

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Sun, 01.13.1828 story

The African Dorcas Association begins

*On this date in 1828, the African Dorcas Association was founded.  This was a Black women’s community aid society in New York City.   The women of this group sewed clothes for the Black children of the city so that they would have appropriate attire for school. They were also one of the first societies where “women met independently and without the supervision […]

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Sun, 01.13.1850 story

Charlotte Ray, Attorney born

This date marks the birth of Charlotte E. Ray in 1850. She was a Black teacher and the first Black female lawyer in the United States.

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Fri, 01.13.1905 story

The Voice of Ellington, Ivie Anderson

On this date we celebrate the birth of Ivie Anderson, She was an African American singer.

Born in Gilroy, CA, Ivie Marie Anderson was orphaned as a child and was subsequently raised in convents. Ivie began to study voice at a young age. From the age of nine to fifteen she sang in her school’s glee club and choral society. Later, she joined Harlem’s Cotton Club as a chorus girl and sang for a time with Earl Hines. In 1931, Duke Ellington hired her as his first featured singer; she was one of the first female singers to be spotlighted with a band.

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Sat, 01.13.1912 story

Horace Rains, Medical Doctor born

On this date in 1912, Horace Rain, an African American doctor and community activist, was born.

He was was one of three sons born in Atlanta to Igolias and Elizabeth Rains. The family moved to Columbus, OH, when Horace was a baby. He completed his education in public schools in Columbus, and attended Wilberforce University on a track scholarship. He received his B.S. degree in 1938, then taught physical education at Lincoln University, Jefferson City, MO., before being drafted into the Army in 1941.

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Mon, 01.13.1913 story

Delta Sigma Theta formed

On this date in 1913, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority was found by 22 college women at Howard University.

These students wanted to use their collective strength to promote academic excellence and to provide assistance to persons in need. The first public act performed by the Delta Founders was their participation in the Women’s Suffrage March in Washington D.C., March 1913. Delta Sigma Theta was incorporated in 1929.

Black American Colleges and Universities:
Profiles of Two-Year, Four-Year, & Professional Schools
by Levirn Hill, Pub., Gale Group, 1994
ISBN: 0-02-864984-2

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Mon, 01.13.1913 story

Jarvis Christian College opens

*Jarvis Christian College open on this date in 1913.  This is a private, four-year, Historically Black College, (HBCU), fully accredited, co-educational institutional, liberal arts institution.   Located in Hawkins, Texas, since its founding in 1912, Jarvis Christian College has been a source of hope for those individuals who want a quality liberal arts education, professional preparation, […]

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Sat, 01.13.1923 story

Opportunity Magazine is published

*The first issue of Opportunity: A Journal of Negro Life was published in January, 1923.  Opportunity was an academic journal published by the National Urban League (NUL). The journal acted as a sociological forum for the emerging topic of African American studies and was known for fostering the literary culture during the Harlem Renaissance. It was published monthly from 1923 to 1942 and then quarterly […]

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Sun, 01.13.1952 story

Geoffrey Canada born

*Geoffrey Canada was born on this date in 1952.  He is a Black social activist and educator.   Born in New York City, Canada was raised in the South Bronx. He is the third of four sons of McAlister and Mary Canada. His parents’ marriage ended in 1956, after which his father played little part […]

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Fri, 01.13.1961 story

Holmes v. Danner ruled

*On this date in 1961 Holmes v. Danner was decided.  This was a civil rights case won to permit the desegregation of the University of Georgia.  Hamilton Holmes, a minor, by his father and next friend, Alfred Holmes, and CharlayneA. Hunter, a minor by her mother and next friend, Mrs. Althea Brown Hunter, on behalf […]

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