The Registry

Tue, 01.24.1786 story

John F. Webber born

*John Webber’s birth is celebrated on this date in 1786. He was a white-American soldier and abolitionist.  John Ferdinand Webber was born in Vermont, the son of John Webber and Hannah Morrill.  As a soldier in the War of 1812 he served as a private in Capt. S. Dickinson’s company.  He was in the thirty-first […]

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Thu, 01.24.1805 story

Allen Light, Black Mariner born

*The birth of Allen Light in 1805 is celebrated on this date. He was a Black sea mariner.

Born in Philadelphia he arrived in Santa Barbara, CA about 1830. Light hunted sea otters, gained Mexican citizenship and guarded the California coastline against American and Native American poachers. In part because of heavily depleted otter populations, the Mexican government instituted conservation laws in 1830 and prohibited foreigners from both hunting otters and participating in all coastal trade in Alta California.

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Sun, 01.25.1835 story

The Malê Revolt occurs

*On this date in 1835, The Malê Revolt occurred.   Also known as The Great Revolt) it was a Black Muslim slave rebellion in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. During the last days of Ramadan that year, in the city of Salvador da Bahia, a group of Black Muslim slaves and freedmen, inspired by Muslim teachers, rose up against the government. Muslims were called malê in Bahia at this time, from Yoruba imale that […]

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Sat, 01.24.1874 story

Arthur Schomburg, Historian born

*Arthur A. Schomburg was born on this date in 1874. He was an African American historian.

Schomburg was from San Juan, Puerto Rico; he attended San Juan’s Institute of Instruction to become a teacher and also studied in the Danish West Indies, doing a great deal of research on Negro literature. Schomburg came to America in 1891 and ten years later moved to New York City, working at a law firm as a researcher. During this time, he actively supported Cuban and Puerto Rican Independence, and served as secretary of Las dos Antillas, an organization working for this cause.

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Sun, 01.24.1875 story

Eva Del Vakia Bowles born

*On this date in 1875, Eva Del Vakia Bowles was born.  She was a Black administrator and activist. From Albany, Athens County, Ohio her grandfather, John R. Bowles, served as chaplain of the all-Black, 54 Massachusetts Infantry during the American Civil War and later became the first Black teacher hired by the Ohio Public School […]

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Fri, 01.24.1908 story

Administrator John Thomas born

*On this date in 1908, John Frederick Thomas was born. He was an African American diplomat and administrator.

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Mon, 01.24.1938 story

Jack & Jill of America founded

*Jack and Jill of America was founded on this date in 1938. It is a nonprofit philanthropic organization headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jack and Jill of America, Inc. as one of the premier African American family organizations in the United States.

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