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Sun, 10.01.1200 story

The Yoruba People, a story

*On this date from 1200, the Yoruba people are briefly affirmed.  They are an African ethnic group that lives in western Africa.   October 1st was chosen to coincide the article with Nigeria’s independence. Documented since 1200, the Yoruba are mainly Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, and Benin. The Yoruba constitute about 44 million people in total. The vast majority of this population is from Nigeria, where the Yoruba make […]

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Thu, 10.01.1750 story

Peter Salem, American Patriot born

The birth of Peter Salem in 1750 is celebrated on this date. He was a Black soldier and patriot.

Though Salem’s birth year is not certain, he was born a slave in Framingham, MA. His owner, Jeremiah Belknap, named him after his hometown of Salem, MA. In America’s early years, Massachusetts, monitoring an insurrection by Blacks, made it illegal for them to serve in the military. When the need for soldiers increased during the French and Indian Wars, Blacks were pressed into military duty. In mid-1775, the Massachusetts Committee of Safety recruited only free Blacks.

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Tue, 10.01.1799 story

John Russwurm, Pan-Africanist born

On this date in 1799, John Russwurm was born. He was an Black abolitionist and Liberian government official.

Born in Jamaica, John Brown Russwurm was the son of an unknown slave mother and a white merchant. At the age of eight, John Brown (as he was known) was sent to Quebec for formal schooling. In 1812, his father married Susan Blanchard who insisted John acknowledge his parentage name.
His father then brought young John to Portland, ME. He attended Hebron Academy and Bowdoin College, where he was one of the first Black university graduates in 1826.

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Thu, 10.01.1846 story

Theo Allain, Businessman, and Politician born

On this date we remember the birth of Theophile Allain in 1846. He was a Black farmer, merchant and politician.

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Tue, 10.01.1861 story

Josephine Henderson Heard, Poet, and Teacher born

*On this date in 1861, we celebrate the birth of Josephine Henderson Heard.  She was Black teacher and poet.   Josephine Delphine Henderson was born the daughter of two enslaved parents in Salisbury, North Carolina.  After Emancipation, a goal was set for her to become a teacher.   At age 21, she married William Henry Heard in 1882. She held teaching positions […]

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Mon, 10.01.1866 story

Shorter College is Founded

*On this date in 1866 we celebrate the founding of Shorter College.  They are a private historically black junior college (HBCU) in North Little Rock, Arkansas. It was founded as Bethel Institute by the African Methodist Episcopal Church and offered bachelor’s degrees until 1955. Currently it is accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges […]

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Thu, 10.01.1903 story

Florence Powell, Librarian, and Teacher born

Florence Powell was born on this date in 1897. She was an African American educator and the first Black woman to receive professional training in library science in the United States.

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Thu, 10.01.1936 story

The Negro Actors Guild Begins

*On this date in 1936, the Negro Actors Guild (NAG) is celebrated.   Formed in 1936, the Negro Actors Guild of America (NAG) wanted to eliminate stereotyping of African Americans in theatrical and cinematic performances.  They began operation in 1937 to create better opportunities for black actors during a period in America when the country was […]

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Sun, 10.01.1939 story

Riley Gilchrist, Policeman and Community Activist born

*Riley Gilchrist was born on this date in 1939. He was a Black police officer. From Minneapolis, he was the son of Doris and Riley Gilchrist Sr. In 1957; he had three younger brothers and two sisters; Wendell, Gary, Jay Helen, and Diane. He graduated from Minneapolis Central H. S. In 1970, he became a […]

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Sun, 10.01.1939 story

George Carruthers, Astrophysicist born

George R. Carruthers, an African American astrophysicist, was born on this date in 1939.

Carruthers grew up in Chicago and attended the University of Illinois, where he received a B.Sc. (1961) in aeronautical engineering, an M.Sc. (1962) in nuclear engineering and a Ph.D. (1964) in aeronautical and astronomical engineering. After graduation, Dr. Carruthers joined the rocket astronomy group at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in Washington where his work focused on ultraviolet observations of the Earth’s upper atmosphere and of astronomical phenomena.

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