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Fri, 11.28.1817 story

Congo Square (New Orleans), a story

Congo Square is celebrated on this date’s Registry from 1817. It is the informal name for an open area in the southern corner of Louis Armstrong Memorial Park in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Sat, 11.28.1868 story

William Lewis, Athlete, and Scholar born

On this date, we remember, the birth of William H. Lewis, born in 1868. He was an African American lawyer and football player.

Born to former slaves in Berkley, Virginia, William Henry Lewis worked to pay for his education at Virginia Normal Institute (now Virginia State University). He later attended Amherst College in Massachusetts. Excelling as an orator and athlete, Lewis was one of the first Black men to play collegiate football, serving as team captain in 1890 and 1891. He met his future wife (Elizabeth Baker) at his graduation.

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Sun, 11.28.1869 story

William T. Francis, Minnesota Lawyer born

On his date, we mark the birth of William T. Francis in 1869. He was an African American politician and lawyer.

Francis was born in Indiana and went to Minnesota at an early age. After completing his education, he served in the legal department of Northern Pacific Railroad. Francis opened his own law firm in St. Paul before World War II.

In 1920, he was president-elector at the Republican State Convention. Francis and his wife were instrumental in getting an anti-lynching law passed in the Minnesota State Senate in the 1920s.

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Thu, 11.28.1907 story

Charles Alston, Artist, and Teacher born

On this date we celebrate the birth of Charles Alston in 1907. He was an African American artist and teacher.

Charles Henry Alston was born in Charlotte, N.C. His father died when he was three. Soon after, his mother moved to New York and married Harry P. Bearden (the uncle of artist Romare Bearden). Alston attended DeWitt Clinton High School, taught there, and graduated from Columbia University in 1929. In 1931, he received a master’s degree from Columbia’s Teachers College.

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Sat, 11.28.1914 story

Gertrude Hadley Jeannette, Actress, and Playwright born

*Gertrude Hadley Jeannette was born on this date in 1914.  She was a Black playwright and film and stage actress.   Born Salley Gertrude Crawford Hadley in Urbana, Arkansas, her mother was a homemaker. Willis Lawrence Hadley, her father, taught at a Native American reservation near Spiro, Oklahoma.  Jeannette had five brothers and one sister and grew up on a farm. The family moved to Little Rock, […]

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Sat, 11.28.1914 story

Owen Dodson, Poet, and Playwright born

*Owen Dodson was born on this date in 1914. He was an African American writer, teacher, director and playwright.

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Tue, 11.28.1916 story

Claude Black, Minister, and Activist born

*Claude Black was born on this date in 1916. He was an African American Baptist minister, activist and Politician.

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Thu, 11.28.1918 story

Herman Cooke, Entomologist born

*Herman Cooke was born on this date in 1918.  He was a Black Entomologist and Zoologist.  Herman Glen Cooke was from Petersburg, Virginia. He received a Bachelor of Science from Virginia State College in 1936 and a Master of Science from the University of Pennsylvania in 1939.  Cooke earned a PhD. in Zoology from the […]

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Fri, 11.28.1919 story

The California Voice Newspaper is Pubished

The California Voice began publishing on this date in 1919.  They are a weekly newspaper serving the African American community. It was first published with E. Marshall, editor; Lawrence Sledge, associate editor; T. Marshall, business manager; and L. A. Brown, assistant manager.  It was run for many years by Lillian and E. A. Daly, who purchased the newspaper […]

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Fri, 11.28.1924 story

Dennis Brutus, South African Activist born

*Dennis Brutus was born on this date in 1924.  He was a white-South African activist, poet, and publisher.  Born in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, Brutus was the son of South African teachers who moved back to their native country when he was still a boy.  He majored in English at Fort Hare University, which he attended […]

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