The Registry

Thu, 02.14.1760 story

Richard Allen, Bishop, AME’s first leader

*On this date in 1760, Richard Allen was born in Philadelphia. He was a Black religious leader, founder and first bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church.

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Fri, 02.14.1817 story

Frederick Douglass, tireless Humanitarian

*Frederick Douglass was born on this date in 1817. He was a Black abolitionist, orator, and writer who escaped slavery and urged other Blacks to do likewise before and during the American Civil War.

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Sat, 02.14.1874 story

Charlotta Bass, newspaper publisher, politician

*This date in 1874 marks the birthday of Charlotta Amanda Bass. She was an African American newspaper publisher, editor, and civil rights activist.

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Sat, 02.14.1880 story

Entertainer, Aida Overton Walker

*On this date we recall Aida Overton Walker, born in 1880. She was a singer, dancer, actress, and choreographer, regarded as the leading African American female performing artist at the turn of the century.

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Tue, 02.14.1893 story

Perry Bradford born

*Perry Bradford was born on this date in 1893.  He was an African American composer, songwriter, and vaudeville performer.    Born in Montgomery, Alabama, Bradford grew up in Atlanta, where his family moved when he was six, and in 1906 started working in minstrel shows. He played in Chicago as a solo pianist as early as 1909 and visited New York City the following year.  Through extensive experience with […]

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Wed, 02.14.1894 story

Mary Dawson supported Black opera

*On this date in 1894, Mary Dawson was born. She was an African American musician, administrator, and teacher and the founding director of the National Negro Opera Company (NNOC).

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Fri, 02.14.1913 story

Oliver Harrington was a cartoonist pioneer

*This date marks the birth of Oliver Harrington in 1913. He was an African American cartoonist best known for his character Bootsie.

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Mon, 02.14.1916 story

Phi Sigma Pi fraternity founded

*On this date in 1916, Phi Sigma Pi fraternity was founded at Central Missouri State University; founded by E.L. Hendricks, C.A. Phillips, and C.H. McClure.

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Sun, 02.14.1926 story

Moneta Sleet, photographer of excellence

*On this date 1926, Moneta Sleet was born. He was an African American photographer.

From Owensboro, KY, he began taking photographs after his parents gave an old box camera. After graduating from high school, Sleet attended Kentucky State College and later he relocated to New York City. It was there that he earned a M.A. in journalism from NYU. In 1955, Sleet joined the staff at Ebony Magazine, covering many prominent moments of the Civil Rights Movement, the Nobel Peace Prize, and other world events.

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Thu, 02.14.1946 story

A complete entertainer, Gregory Hines

*The birth of Gregory Hines is marked on this date in 1946. He was an African American tap dancer, choreographer, dramatic and comic actor, singer, and director.

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