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Mon, 04.10.1606 story

First Families of Virginia, a brief story

*Virginia, the first of America’s 13 colonies was chartered on this date in 1606.  This article briefly describes the settlers, self-described as the First Families of Virginia (FFV).   These were white-American planters and slave holders in Colonial Virginia who were socially prominent and wealthy.  Though Sir Walter Raleigh did not settle there, other families descended from England and settled at Jamestown, Williamsburg, The […]

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Thu, 04.10.1788 story

William P. Quinn was a spiritual leader

William Paul Quinn was born on this date in 1788. He was a Black religious leader and the fourth Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

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Wed, 04.10.1822 story

James Whitfield, Poet born

*James Whitfield was born on this date in 1822.  He was a Black poet, abolitionist, and political activist.   James Monroe Whitfield was born in Exeter, New Hampshire to Nancy (Paul) of Exeter and Joseph Whitfield, who escaped enslavement in Virginia.  Through his mother, James was the nephew of Rev. Thomas Paul of the African Meeting House in Boston, and Jude Hall, veteran of the Revolutionary War.  The […]

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Tue, 04.10.1827 story

Eliza Bryant pioneered Black nursing homes

The birth of Eliza Bryant in 1827 is celebrated on this date. She was a Black abolitionist and businesswoman.

She grew up on a plantation in Wayne County North Carolina her parents were Polly Simmons, a slave, and her master. In 1848 her mother was freed and her family moved north, purchasing a home in Cleveland, Ohio with funds from her master. Young Bryant’s education is unknown but she was a pioneer in the movement to welcome and assist Blacks to the Cleveland area, particularly those moving from the southern states through the Great Migration after emancipation.

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Mon, 04.10.1865 story

Jesse Binga, a Chicago businessman legend

*Jesse Binga was born on this date in 1865.  He was an African American businessman.

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Sun, 04.10.1887 story

Edward Chandler, one of Florida’s finest

Edward Chandler was born on this date in 1887. He was an African American chemist.

From Ocala, Florida, Edward Marion Augustus Chandler received a Bachelor of Science for Howard University in 1913 and a Master of Science from Clark University in 1914. He earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Illinois in 1917. Dr. Chandler served as a Chemist for the Dicks David & Heller Company from 1917 to 1921. From 1921 to 1924 he worked as a Plant Chemist for Abbott Laboratories. Beginning in 1924, Dr. Chandler was a Consulting Chemist in Lake County, Illinois.

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Fri, 04.10.1914 story

Noah Ryder, choral conductor and educator

Noah Ryder was born on this date in 1914. He was an African American conductor, singer and educator.

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Sat, 04.10.1954 story

Juan Williams born

*Juan Williams was born on this date in 1954. is a Black Panamanian American journalist, author and political analyst. Juan Antonio Williamswas born in Colón, Panama, to Akin Jules Williams and Sharon Williams, who were both Panamanian. When he was a child his family moved to America.  He graduated in 1972 from Oakwood Friends School in Poughkeepsie, New […]

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Wed, 04.10.1963 story

Poet Reginald Shepherd born

*Reginald Shepherd was born on this date in 1963. He was an African American writer and poet.

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Thu, 04.10.1969 story

The Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem, the Soul of Judaism

On this date we celebrate the return of African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem to Israel in 1969.

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