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Sun, 05.14.1600 story

Canadian History and the Middle Passage

*Canadian Slavery of African’s is affirmed on this date circa 1600. The registered baptism of Olivier Le Jeune occurred on this date in 1633 in Quebec.

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Wed, 05.14.1873 story

Charles T. Russell, Architect born

*Charles Russell was born on this date in 1873.  He was a Black architect.  A Richmond native, Charles Thaddeus Russell graduated from the Hampton Institute in Hampton, Virginia, in 1899 with a certificate from the carpentry department and a diploma from the academic department. Two years later, he went on to serve as supervisor of […]

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Tue, 05.14.1878 story

J. L. Wilkinson, Baseball Executive born

*J. L. Wilkinson was born on this date in 1878. He was a White American Black sports executive.

Born in Algona, Iowa, James Leslie Wilkinson grew up in Des Moines and attended Highland Park College.  While there he pitched for the baseball team while also playing professional and semiprofessional ball. An injury ended his playing career, but he remained on the management side of the game for the rest of his working life.

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Mon, 05.14.1888 story

Archie Alexander, Engineer, Businessman, and Politician born

On this date in 1888, Archie Alexander was born. He was an African American design and construction engineer.

He was born in Ottumwa, Iowa, to Price and Mary Alexander; hsi father was a janitor; his mother’s name was Mary. Archie was born into an African American family that lived in an area of Ottumwa that was set aside for poor people, and of course this meant that he would not be expected to have an education. When Archie was 11 years old, his family moved to a small farm on the outskirts of Des Moines. In 1905, he graduated from Oak Park High School in Des Moines.

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Fri, 05.14.1897 story

Sidney Bechet, Musician, and Teacher born

Sidney Bechet was born on this date in 1897 in New Orleans. He was an African American jazz musician and composer.

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Sat, 05.14.1898 story

Zutty Singleton, Drummer born

On this date in 1898, Zutty Singleton was born. He was an African American drummer and band leader.

He was born in Bunkie, LA, and moved to New Orleans when he was ten years old. Zutty Singleton was one of the most influential drummers of early jazz. He popularized the use of brushes and drums solos in jazz and had some of the best technique of the era. Zutty got his start at the Rosebud Theater in New Orleans with Steve Lewis in 1915 when he was fifteen. During World War I he went to Europe to fight and was wounded while in the Navy.

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Sat, 05.14.1910 story

Wilmer Jennings, Artist, and Printmaker born

*The birth of Wilmer Jennings is celebrated on this date in 1910. was a Black printmaker, artist, and jeweler. Wilmer Angier Jennings was born in Atlanta, Georgia.  While attending Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, Jennings studied under the artist Hale Woodruff who introduced him to the principles of modernism. Under the Graphic Arts Division of the Works Progress Association (WPA) in 1934, […]

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Sat, 05.14.1927 story

Artis Lane, Sculptor, and Printmaker born

On this date in 1927, Artis Lane was born. She is an African Canadian sculptor, painter, and printmaker.

Born Artis Marie Shreve in North Buxton, Ontario, Canada, when she was six, she was kneeling in the clay of her grandmother’s farm and fashioning dolls. Ever since, she has been capturing souls and conjuring them into images of unfolding life. A descendant of abolitionist, educator, and publisher Mary Ann Shadd, the soft-spoken painter and sculptor, is an advocate for freeing the human spirit.

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Sun, 05.14.1944 story

The Imperial Courts Projects Are Built

*The Imperial Courts projects are affirmed on this date in 1944. This is a public housing project located in Watts, Los Angeles, California. It is located at 11541 Croesus Avenue on Imperial Highway, between Grape Street and Mona Boulevard, near I-105 Freeway. The federally subsidized project of 498 units was completed in May 1944. It […]

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Wed, 05.14.1947 story

Tamara Dobson, Model, and Actress born

*Tamara Dobson was born on this date in 1947. She was an African American actress and fashion model.

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