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Fri, 05.04.1827 story

The Oneida Institute Begins Classes

*The Oneida Institute opening is celebrated on this date in 1827.  They were a short-lived (16 years) but highly influential school that was a national leader in the (then) emerging anti-slavery movement.   It was founded by George Washington Gale as the Oneida Institute of Science and Industry.   His former teacher (in the Addison County Grammar School, Middlebury, John Frost, now a Presbyterian minister in […]

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Thu, 05.04.1848 story

News Publisher John Q. Adams born

*John Quincy Adams was born on this date in 1848. He was a Black businessman and newspaper publisher.

Adams was one of four children of the Reverend Henry Adams, minister of the Fifth Street Baptist Church of Louisville, Kentucky, and Margaret Priscilla Corbin of Chillicothe, Ohio. He received his elementary and secondary education in private schools at Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and Yellow Springs, Ohio, later graduating from Oberlin College in Ohio. Upon graduation he returned to Louisville where he began teaching in his father’s school and in other parts of the state.

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Tue, 05.04.1852 story

Julia Hooks, Activist and Educator born

The birth of Julia A. B. Hooks in 1852 is celebrated on this date. She was an African American musician, educator and social worker.

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Fri, 05.04.1860 story

Thomas Burton, Doctor, Administrator, and Poet born

Thomas William Burton was born on this date in 1860. He was an African American doctor, poet, and medical association administrator.

He was born near Tates Creek, Madison County, KY. Thomas was the youngest of 15 children of Edward and Eliza Burton, who were slaves. His father died when he was five and his mother died when he was nine.

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Tue, 05.04.1880 story

Richard S. Roberts, Photographer born

The birth of Richard Samuel Roberts in 1880, an African American still photographer, is celebrated on this date.

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Tue, 05.04.1886 story

Shelton Brooks, Lyricist born

Shelton Brooks, a popular African American music composer, was born on this date in 1886,in Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada.

At about the age of 15, in 1901, he and his family moved to Detroit. Brooks sang, played piano, and performed in vaudeville and in musical comedies. He had a songwriting career and a radio show on the CBS network in the 1930s.

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Mon, 05.04.1891 story

Provident Hospital, Chicago Opens

*On this date in 1891, Provident Hospital and Training School opened. This was the first Black controlled hospital in America, and it opened on the south side of Chicago.

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Tue, 05.04.1897 story

The Sprinkler is Patented

On this date in 1897, African American inventor Joseph H. Smith patented the sprinkler.

This African American inventors Patent No. is #581.785.

Created Equal The Lives and Ideas of Black American Innovators
By James Michael Brodie
Copyright 1993, by Bill Adler Books, Inc.
William Morrow and Co. Inc., New York
ISBN 0-688-11536-5

Global Black Inventors

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Wed, 05.04.1921 story

Black Swan Records Formed

*On this date we remember Black Swan Records, the first Black-owned record label in America.

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Wed, 05.04.1927 story

Another Black Man Lynched in America (Image may not be suitable for children)

*On this date in 1927, another Black man was lynched, this time in Little Rock, Arkansas.  This murder and the rioting that followed is one of the most notorious incidents of racial violence in the state’s history. The experienced and wave of mob violence culminated in the lynching of John Carter.  This event reveals much […]

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