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Mon, 06.10.1850 story

St. Andrews AME Church of Sacramento is Founded

This date in 1850 marks the founding of St. Andrews African Methodist Episcopal (A. M. E.) Church of Sacramento, California.

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Thu, 06.10.1852 story

Jennie Jackson, Choral Singer born

*Jennie Jackson is celebrated on this date in 1852.  She was a Black singer and voice teacher. She was one of the original members of the Fisk Jubilee Singers, a cappella ensemble. Jennie Jackson was born in Kingston, Tennessee. Her grandfather was enslaved in the household of Andrew Jackson. Her parents were also enslaved, but she was raised […]

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Sat, 06.10.1854 story

The First Black Catholic Priest is Ordained

On this date in 1854, James Augustine Healy was ordained in Paris, France, thus becoming the first Black priest in the Catholic Church.

Two brothers followed him and all three had to study abroad. James Healy became the first Black bishop of Portland, ME., in 1875. Alexander Sherwood was ordained for the diocese of Massachusetts. Patrick Frances obtained his PH.D (the first Black) from Louvian University, Belgium and became the first Black president of Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

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Fri, 06.10.1859 story

Edward C. Cooper, Journalist born

*Edward E. Cooper was born on this date in 1859.  He was a Black newspaper publisher.   Edward Elder Cooper was born into slavery in Duval County, Florida, his mother was Sallie Porter, born in 1830.  As a youth, he and his family moved north for better opportunities, and he went to high school in […]

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Mon, 06.10.1867 story

The Howland Chapel School Opens

*The Howland Chapel School was open on this date in 1867.  This was a historic school for Black students near Heathsville, Northumberland County, Virginia. The building is a rare, little-altered Reconstruction-era schoolhouse built to serve the children of former slaves. Its construction was funded by New York educator, reformer, and philanthropist Emily Howland, for whom the building is named. It […]

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Mon, 06.10.1895 story

Hattie McDaniel, Actress born

This date marks the birthday of Hattie McDaniel in 1895. She was an African American actress, one of the greatest American character actresses.

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Tue, 06.10.1902 story

Black Man Patents Automatic Air Brake

On this date in 1902, Granville T. Woods of Cincinnati, a Black inventor, patented the automatic air brake.  The patent is #701981.  For a while he manufactured and sold his inventions through the Woods Electric Company, but he later sold his patent rights to the General Electric Company.

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Fri, 06.10.1910 story

Howlin Wolf, Urban Blues Singer born

This date marks the birth of Howlin’ Wolf in 1910. He was an African American blues singer and composer.

Chester Arthur “Howlin’ Wolf” Burnett was from West Point, Mississippi. He was brought up on a cotton plantation and heard the traditional music of the region. He started singing professionally when quite young and in the 1920s and 1930s, performed throughout Mississippi, playing in small clubs. He was influenced by the music of Blind Lemon Jefferson, Sonny Boy Williamson, and Charley Patton.

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Sun, 06.10.1951 story

Robert Jones Jr., Agronomist, and Activist born

Robert J. Jones was born on this date in 1951. He is an African American administrator, agronomist and educator.

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Thu, 06.10.1954 story

Larry Fitzgerald Sr., Journalist born

*Larry Fitzgerald Sr. was born on this date in 1954.  He is a Black broadcast journalist focusing on sports and community.  Fitzgerald was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, to parents Robert and Sally Fitzgerald, his parent came north during the Great Migration from Natchez, Mississippi.  He graduated from Fenger High School, where he was […]

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