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Wed, 06.11.1000 story

The Afro Arabian Community, a story

*Afro Arabians are celebrated on this date in 700 BCE. Afro Arabs are a Sub-Saharan society.  They are indigenous Black Africans of the continent comprised mainly of Sudanese, Egyptians, Moroccans, Algerians, Sahrawis, Mauritanians, Yemenis, and Tunisians. These are long-established communities in Gulf states such as Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates. There are […]

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Mon, 06.11.1235 story

The Mali Empire, a story

*The Mali Empire is celebrated on this date in 1235. Historically referred to as the Manden Kurufaba, it was an empire in West Africa from c. 1235 to 1670. Sundiata Keita founded the empire and became renowned for the wealth of its rulers, especially Mansa Musa (Musa Keita). The Manding languages were spoken in the empire. […]

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Wed, 06.11.1823 story

Louis C. Roudanez, Doctor, and Businessman born

The birth of Louis Charles Roudanez in 1823 is celebrated on this date. He was a Black Creole of color physician, civic leader, and news publisher.

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Sun, 06.11.1854 story

Olivia D. Washington, Educator, and Administrator born

This date in 1854 marks the birth of Olivia Davidson Washington. She was a Black educator and administrator, and a critical factor in the creation and success of Tuskegee Institute with her peer and husband, Booker T. Washington.

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Thu, 06.11.1863 story

Simon Atkins, Educator born

*Simon Atkins was born on this date in 1863. He was a Black educator and administrator.  Born to two former slaves, Simon Green Atkins was born on a farm in North Carolina rented by his former master, Capt. E. Bryan. In 1880, Atkins began his education in Haywood, NC, where he progressed to the top of […]

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Mon, 06.11.1866 story

Addie Waites Hunton, Race, and Gender Activist born

*Addie Waites Hunton was born on this date in 1866.  She was a Black suffragist, race and gender activist, writer, political organizer, and educator.   Addie D. Waites was born to Jesse and Adeline Waites in Norfolk, Virginia.  Her mother died when she was very young, and Addie then moved to Boston to be raised by her maternal aunt.  In Boston, Waites attended […]

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Mon, 06.11.1883 story

Charlotte H. Brown, Educator born

On this date in 1883, Charlotte Eugenia Hawkins Brown was born. She was an African American civic leader and educator who founded the Palmer Institute (a prep school for African Americans), argued against lynchings, and was in favor of interracial cooperation.

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Mon, 06.11.1894 story

Eulalie Spence, Playwright, and Actress born

*Eulalie Spence was born on this date in 1894.  She was a Black writer, teacher, stage director, actress, and playwright.  Eulalie Spence was born on the island of Nevis in the British West Indies to Robert and Eno Lake Spence, the oldest of seven girls. She spent her formative years on her father’s sugar plantation. […]

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Sun, 06.11.1911 story

The Atlanta Neighborhood Union is Formed

*On this date in 1911, we celebrate the Atlanta Neighborhood Union (ANU) charter. This was a Black women-led neighborhood organization in Atlanta, Georgia. Started in 1908 and chartered in 1911, it was “a prototype for self-help and social service organizations.” ANU was one of the most important Black organizations for Atlanta’s social services and worked […]

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Fri, 06.11.1920 story

Hazel Scott, Singer, Actress, and Musician born

Hazel Scott was born on this date in 1920. She was an African American singer, actress, and musician.

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