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Wed, 07.21.1802 story

David Hunter, Abolitionist born

David Hunter was born on this date in 1802. He was a White American soldier and abolitionist.

He was born in Washington D.C. He graduated from the Military Academy at West Point in 1822 and saw action in the Seminole War (1838-42) and the Mexican War (1846-48).

A strong opponent of slavery, after the outbreak of the American Civil War, he joined the Union Army. He became a colonel and was severely wounded at Bull Run. In March 1862, Hunter was appointed Commander of the Department of the South.

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Tue, 07.21.1818 story

Charles Reason, Mathematician born

*Charles L. Reason was born on this date in 1818. He was a Black mathematician, abolitionist and teacher.

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Fri, 07.21.1837 story

Helen Appo Cook, Women’s Rights Advocate born

*Helen Appo Cook was born on this date in 1837. She was a wealthy, prominent Black community activist in the women’s club movement. Helen Appo was born to William Appo, a prominent musician, and Elizabeth Brady Appo, who owned a millinery business in New York. Because of William Appo’s music career, the family lived in […]

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Tue, 07.21.1840 story

Christian Fleetwood, Military Officer born

Christian Fleetwood was born in this date in 1840. He was a Black army officer, editor, a musician, and a government officer.

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Thu, 07.21.1864 story

The New Orleans Tribune Newspaper is Founded

This date celebrates the establishment in 1864 of America’s first daily Black newspaper.

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Mon, 07.21.1873 story

Charles P. Adams, Educator born

The birth of Charles P. Adams, Sr., in 1873 is marked on this date. He was an African American educator and administrator.

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Sun, 07.21.1895 story

The National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs is Formed

On this date in 1896, the National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs, (NACWC) was organized. The merger of National Federation of Afro-American Women, the Women’s Era Club of Boston, and Colored Women’s League of Washington, DC formed it.

The objectives of the NACWC are as follows:
1. To promote the education of women and children
2. To raise the standards of the home
3. To improve conditions for family living
4. To work for the moral, economic, social, and religious welfare of women and children
5. To protect the rights of women and children

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Wed, 07.21.1915 story

Floyd McDaniel, Blues Musician born

On this date in 1915, Floyd McDaniel, an African American blues singer and musician, was born.

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Thu, 07.21.1921 story

Donald Smitty Smith, Community Activist born

*O Donald “Smitty” Smith was born on this date in 1921.  He was an African American businessman, musician and activist. 

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Mon, 07.21.1924 story

Chuck Stone, Journalist born

Chuck Stone was born on this date in 1924. He is an African American newspaper editor, columnist, and professor of journalism and an activist.

Charles Sumner Stone is from St. Louis, Missouri. His father was business manager for Annie Malone’s Poro College, and his mother, Madeline M. Chafin Stone, was the payroll officer for the Hartford Board of Education. Raised in Hartford, Connecticut, Stone attended Arsenal Elementary School and Bernard Junior High School, and he graduated with honors from Hartford Public High School as “class prophet” in 1942.

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