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Sat, 07.24.1802 story

Alexandre Dumas, Writer born

Alexandre Dumas was born on this date in 1802. He was a Black French man who was one of the more prolific writers in the 19th century theater world.

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Thu, 07.24.1806 story

Maria Chapman, Abolitionist born

Maria Weston Chapman was born on this date in 1806. She was a White American abolitionist.

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Fri, 07.24.1807 story

Ira Frederick Aldridge, Stage Actor born

This date commemorates the birth of Ira Frederick Aldridge in 1807. He was a Black actor, considered one of the greatest interpreters of his day.

His place of birth has been listed as Africa, and Bel Air, Maryland. Some accounts of his life in the United States are inconsistent. Because of the lack of schools for African Americans in Maryland, Aldridge moved to New York and attended the African Free School and Schenectady College. The great British-American actor James William Wallack is believed to have hired him as a personal attendant while visiting the United States.

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Sun, 07.24.1892 story

Alice Ball, Chemist, and Researcher born

*Alice Ball was born on this date in 1892.  She was a Black chemist and researcher. Alice Augusta Ball was born in Seattle, Washington, to James Presley and Laura Louise (Howard) Ball.  She was one of four children, with two older brothers, William and Robert, and a younger sister, Addie.  Her family was middle-class and […]

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Mon, 07.24.1893 story

Charles S. Johnson, Sociologist born

This date marks the birth of Charles Spurgeon Johnson in 1893. He was an African American sociologist, and authority on race relations.

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Tue, 07.24.1900 story

Dr. George Kelsey, Theologian born

*George Kelsey was born on this date in 1910.  He was an African American educator, theologian and administrator.

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Fri, 07.24.1908 story

Cootie Williams, Trumpeter born

On this date we mark the birth of Cootie Williams in 1908. He was an African American trumpeter whose mastery of mutes and expressive effects made him one of the most distinctive jazz musicians.

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Sun, 07.24.1910 story

Martin A. Martin, Attorney born

*Martin A. Martin was born on this date in 1910. He was a Black criminal and civil rights, attorney. Martin Armstrong Martin was born to Romey Orlando Martin and his wife Hattie Inge in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. The family included older sisters, Costello Beatrice Martin and Willie Gladys Martin, older brothers, former Tuskegee Airmen pilot […]

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Fri, 07.24.1914 story

Kenneth B. Clark, Educator, and Psychologist born

This date marks the birthday of Kenneth Bancroft Clark in 1914. He was an African American psychologist, educator, and social activist. His research, in particular his famous “doll study,” was crucial to the desegregation of public schools.

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Fri, 07.24.1914 story

Frank Silvera, Actor born

Frank Silvera was born on this date in 1914. He was an African American actor.

He was born in Kingston, Jamaica, moved to the United States with his family, where he grew up and attended Boston Public Schools.

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