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Tue, 07.03.1798 story

Betsey Stockton, Teacher born

*The birth of Betsey Stockton is celebrated on this date in 1798. She was a Black domestic and teacher. Born into slavery in Princeton, New Jersey, as a child, her owner Robert Stockton gave her to his daughter upon her marriage to Reverend Ashbel Green. He was the president of the College of New Jersey […]

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Tue, 07.03.1855 story

Gertrude Mossell, Journalist, and Educator born

Gertrude Mossell was born on this date in 1855. She was a Black feminist journalist and educator.

She was born in Philadelphia, and worked as a teacher for several years before becoming a journalist in the early 1870s. She wrote columns and articles for many black newspapers including the Indianapolis World, the Philadelphia Echo, the Richmond Rankin Institute, Our Women and Children, and Woman’s Era. She also wrote for white newspapers and magazines such as the Ladies Home Journal, The Philadelphia Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and the Philadelphia Press.

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Wed, 07.03.1861 story

Peter Jackson, Boxer born

On this date in 1861, Peter Jackson was born. He was an African American boxer.

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Sat, 07.03.1869 story

Joseph Douglass, Violinist born

*Joseph Douglass was born on this date in 1869. He was an African American violinist and composer.

The grandson of Frederick Douglass he was born in the Anacostia area of Washington D.C. to Charles and Mary Elizabeth Douglass, their second child and only that would live to adulthood. Following in the path of his famous grandfather and father, Joseph took up the violin at a young age, receiving classical training at the New England Conservatory for five years and later the Boston Conservatory.

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Sun, 07.03.1910 story

Esau Jenkins, Activist born

*Esau Jenkins was born on this date in 1910.  He was a Black businessman, preacher, and community organizer.   Jenkins grew up during the times of Jim Crow segregation when educational opportunities were not readily available to him. From Johns Island, South Carolina, he was the only child of Peter Jenkins and Eva Campbell. He […]

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Thu, 07.03.1913 story

Lorenzo ‘Piper’ Davis, Baseball Player born

This date marks the birth of Lorenzo “Piper” Davis, one of Alabama’s all-time best athletes in both baseball and basketball.

He was born in Piper, AL, a coal-mining community in the hills around Birmingham. As a teenager, Davis attended a public high school for colored boys in Fairfield, just up the road from Piper. There he earned a basketball scholarship to Alabama State University in Montgomery. After a single year starring on the Alabama State basketball squad, Davis was forced by family financial circumstances to drop out of college and find a job.

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Mon, 07.03.1916 story

Robert N. Hyde II, Educator born

*Robert Hyde was born on this date in 1916. He was an African American educator and administrator.

From Des Moines, Iowa, Robert N. Hyde II was the son of Branham and Stella Hyde; he also had a sister (Maxine Graham). A graduate of North High School in Des Moines, Hyde received his Bachelor of Science degree in philosophy from Lincoln University (Pennsylvania) in 1941, and his Master of Science in Education degree from Drake University in 1970.

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Thu, 07.03.1919 story

Samuel Massie, Chemist, and Teacher born

Samuel Massie, a brilliant African American chemist and teacher, was born on this date in 1919.

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Tue, 07.03.1923 story

Johnny Hartman, Vocalist born

Johnny Hartman, African American singer, was born on this date in 1923.

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Wed, 07.03.1940 story

Fontella Bass, Singer born

Fontella Bass was born on this date in 1940. She is an African American singer and entertainer.

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