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Wed, 09.14.1814 story

The Star-Spangled Banner is Written

*On this date in 1814, “The Star-Spangled Banner” was composed.  This is the national anthem of the United States.   Originally a poem it was written by a 35-year-old white-American slave owner and lawyer Francis Scott Key.  He wrote it after witnessing the defense of Fort McHenry in the War of 1812.  This took place against British ships of the Royal Navy in Baltimore Harbor during the Battle of Baltimore. […]

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Thu, 09.14.1865 story

Kendelton, Texas is Founded

*The founding of Kendleton, Texas is celebrated on this date in 1865. Kendleton is a city in western Fort Bend County. It is one of many Black Towns (settlements) throughout America. History What is now Kendleton was a part of William E. Kendall’s plantation. In the 1860s Kendall divided his property into various small farms and sold […]

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Sat, 09.14.1867 story

The Brooklyn Colored School, (Oakland, CA) Opens

*The Brooklyn Colored School opening is celebrated on this date in 1867.  This school served Black children from the town of Brooklyn, as well as Oakland, CA from 1867 to 1871.   Located at 1008 10th Avenue, Miss Mary J. Sanderson Grases was the first teacher.  She was an excellent and kind instructor, who continued to teach […]

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Mon, 09.14.1874 story

The Battle of Liberty Place, a story

*On this date in 1874, White Democrats seized the Louisiana statehouse in a takeover. This White resistance and occupation has been called the Battle of Liberty Place.

Taking place in New Orleans, 3500 confederacy members took over the city hall, statehouse, and an arsenal. President Grant ordered the insurgents to disperse and sent in federal troops. Twenty-seven persons (sixteen whites and eleven Blacks) were killed. A great deal damage was done and the Whites were defeated.

The uprising was so severe that the federal army remained in Louisiana for a number of years.


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Sun, 09.14.1879 story

Frederick Roberts, Educator, and Politician born

*Frederick Madison Roberts was born on this date in 1879. He was an African American mortician, news editor, school principal and politician.

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Wed, 09.14.1921 story

Constance Baker Motley, Lawyer, Judge, and Activist born

*On this date in 1921, Constance Baker Motley was born. She was an African American lawyer, judge, and politician.

From New haven, Connecticut she is one of nine children to a family who had migrated to America from the Caribbean island of Nevis. While attending school, she was active in the New Haven Youth Council, and the New Haven Adult Community council. Motley attended Fisk University, transferring to New York University-graduating in 1943 with a degree in economics. She attained her law degree from Columbia University in 1946.

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Fri, 09.14.1928 story

The Dunbar Hotel, (Los Angeles) Opens

*The opening of the Dunbar Hotel of Los Angeles in 1928 is celebrated on this date. Built by African American John Sommerville it stands today at 4225 S. Central Avenue in Los Angeles.

Originally called the Hotel Sommerville, it opened with an attendance of over 5,000 people. Because of the stock market crash of 1929 it was sold and renamed the Dunbar Hotel after the Poet, Paul L. Dunbar. At one time it was a very fashionable hotel and was the site of the first NAACP national convention to be held in the western region of the United States.

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Tue, 09.14.1937 story

Colston Westbrook, Teacher, and Linguist born

*Colston Westbrook was born on this date in 1937.  He was a Black teacher and linguist who worked in the fields of minority education and literacy.  Colston Richard Westbrook was born in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.   His father was Sgt. Edward Cody Westbrook, who died in Germany while serving in World War II.  His mother, Virginia Ruth […]

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Fri, 09.14.1973 story

NAS, Rapper, and Lyricist born

*On this date in 1973, Nas was born.  He is a Black is a Black rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, and investor.  Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones was born in the Brooklyn borough of New York City.  His father, Olu Dara (born Charles Jones III), is a jazz and blues musician from Mississippi. His mother, Fannie Ann Little died 2002.  She was a […]

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Fri, 09.14.1990 story

Ken Griffey Sr., and Jr. hit Home Runs for the Seattle Mariners in the Same Inning

*On this date in 1990, Ken Griffey Sr. and his son Ken Griffey Jr. both on the Seattle Mariners homered in consecutive at-bats against the Anaheim Angels.

In the first inning, Senior hit a two-run homer and Junior a solo shot. Both father and son playing together was a first for major league baseball.

20th Century Baseball Chronicle
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