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Fri, 09.16.1836 story

New Philadelphia, Illinois founded

*New Philadelphia, Illinois is celebrated on this date in 1836.  This is one of many original Black Town sites in America.  The now-vanished town of “New Philadelphia”, Illinois is located near the city of Barry, in Pike County.   It’s first town in the United States platted and registered by a Black man before the American Civil War. The founder Free Frank McWorter was a former slave who […]

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Mon, 09.16.1861 story

Miriam Benjamin, Inventor born

*Miriam E. Benjamin was born on this date in 1861.  She was a Black school teacher, composer and inventor.   Miriam Elizabeth Benjamin was born, a free Black woman, in Charleston, South Carolina, the oldest of five children of Francis Benjamin and Eliza (Hopkins) Benjamin.  In 1873, the Benjamin family moved to Boston, Massachusetts, where she attended high school. She moved to Washington, D.C. where she […]

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Mon, 09.16.1889 story

The Father of the Negro Press, Claude Barnett

*On this date in 1889, Claude Barnett was born. He was an African American journalist and entrepreneur.

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Sun, 09.16.1894 story

Hector Hyppolite, a Haitian legend

*Hector Hyppolite was born on this date 1894. He was a African Haitian painter.

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Sun, 09.16.1894 story

George McLaurin born

*George W. McLaurin was born on this date in 1894.  He was a Black educator.  His family moved toOklahoma in 1910, and he received his BA from Langston University.   After marriage, he and his wife Peninah McLaurin sent their children out of state when they were 13 to complete their educations.  McLaurin received his master’s degree from the University of […]

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Wed, 09.16.1896 story

Lester Granger worked hard through the Urban League

*Lester Granger was born on this date in 1896. He was an African American civic leader.

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Thu, 09.16.1920 story

Cozelle Breedlove born

*Cozelle Breedlove was born on this date in 1920. He was an African American community program director, teacher, and mentor. Born and raised on the North side of Minneapolis Cozy Breedlove always considered himself a product of the Phyllis Wheatley House, which was a community center for Black children to participate in sports, cultural and educational events.

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Fri, 09.16.1921 story

Jon Hendricks, a voice of distinction

*On this date in 1921, Jon Hendricks was born. He is an African American singer and writer.

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Wed, 09.16.1925 story

B. B. King, a Bluesman supreme

*B. B. King was born on this date in 1925. He was an African American blues guitarist and singer-songwriter.

Riley B. King was born to a poor family of sharecroppers living on the Mississippi Delta, near the town of Itta Bene, Miss. King’s home life was very unstable and as a child he picked cotton to help with the family income. But King’s mother brought him to church regularly, where he was first exposed to gospel music; he even learned some basic guitar skills from his preacher.

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Wed, 09.16.1931 story

Frente Negra Brasileira formed

*On this date in 1931 Frente Negra Brasileira was formed.  Translated to English the Black Brazilian Front was part of the Black Movement of Brazil and was Brazil’s first Black political party.   It was formed in 1931 and active until the November 10, 1937 suspension of political parties by the then president, Getúlio Vargas.  The party was organized by Arlindo Veiga dos Santos […]

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