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Mon, 09.22.1000 story

The Bambara Community, a story

*The Bambara community is celebrated on this date in 1200.  They are a Mandé ethnic group native to much of West Africa. The Bamana originated as a royal section of the Mandinka people. They are the founders of the Mali Empire in the 13th Century. Both Manding and Bambara are part of the Mandé ethnolinguistic […]

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Fri, 09.22.1820 story

The Citadel La Ferrière is Built

*On this date in 1820, the Citadel La Ferrière was completed.  Sometimes called the Citadelle it is a mountaintop fortress in Nord, Haiti.  Haitian King, Henri Christophe ordered the construction beginning in 1805, the Citadel La Ferrière is located on top of the mountain Bonnet a L’Eveque.  It is one of the largest fortresses in […]

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Wed, 09.22.1847 story

The Mormon Church and American Slavery

*On this date in 1827, we examine the Mormon church and American Slavery with a brief article.  It was on this date that white Mormon Joseph Smith translated the Golden Plates into English (aka) the Book of Mormon.    The Latter-Day Saints Mormon movement has had varying and conflicting teachings on slavery. Early converts were […]

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Thu, 09.22.1853 story

George Murray, Farmer, and Congressman born

*This date spotlights the birth of George Washington Murray in 1853. He was a Black farmer, politician, teacher and inventor.

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Tue, 09.22.1863 story

The 8th United States Colored Infantry is Formed

*On this date in 1863, the 8th United States Colored Infantry was formed.  This infantry regiment was composed of Black enlisted men that served in the Union Army during the American Civil War. The regiment was commanded by white officers and was authorized by the Bureau of Colored Troops. The 8th U.S. Colored Infantry was organized […]

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Tue, 09.22.1891 story

Alma Thomas, Artist, and Instructor born

*On this date in 1891, Alma Thomas was born. She was an African American Painter and instructor.

From Columbus, Georgia, Thomas moved to Washington as a young girl. In 1924 she became the first graduate of the art department of Howard University and ten years later received an M. A. from Columbia University. She taught art at Shaw Junior High School in the nations capitol for thirty-six years until she retired in 1960 to devote her energies to painting. During her long tenure at Shaw, Thomas was a dedicated and imaginative teacher.

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Thu, 09.22.1904 story

Boley, Oklahoma is Established

*On this date in 1904 the Black Town of Boley, Oklahoma was formally established. Boley is located in Okfuskee County in Central Oklahoma.

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Sat, 09.22.1906 story

The Atlanta Race Riot Occurs

*On this date in 1906, The Atlanta race riot occurred. This tragedy was the result of bitter white hostility toward blacks after vague reports of African Americans harassing White women.

Over five days at least ten Black people were killed while Atlanta’s police did nothing to protect black citizens, going so far as to confiscate guns from Atlanta’s Black community while allowing whites to remain armed. It was this and other events of hatred based incidents during what was called the “Red Summers” in the early twentieth century.

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Wed, 09.22.1915 story

Charles Black, Law Professor born

*Charles L. Black Jr. was born on this date in 1915. He was a White American Professor, and authority in constitutional law.

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Thu, 09.22.1921 story

Betty Reid Soskin, Community Activist, and Park Ranger born

*Betty Reid Soskin was born on this date in 1921. She is a community activist, lyricist, and retired park ranger. Born Betty Charbonnet in Detroit, Michigan, she is the daughter of Dorson Louis Charbonnet and Lottie Breaux Allen of Louisiana. Her father was Creole, and her mother was a Cajun. Her great-grandmother had been born […]

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