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Sun, 09.23.1725 story

The Lumbee Native American Tribe, an article

*On this date from 1725 we affirm the Lumbee American Indian tribe. As of this writing (2017) California, South Dakota and Tennessee were the only American states with official days honoring the American Indian.

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Wed, 09.23.1789 story

Charles Deslondes, Abolitionist born

*The birth of Charles Deslondes is celebrated on this date c. 1789.  He was a Black abolitionist.  Charles Deslondes was born on the Louisiana plantation of Jacques Deslondes.  Plantation succession records have Charles described as being a “Creole Mulatto slave” by the name of Charles, “about 16 years old”, listed as a “field laborer.” Contrary to many […]

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Sun, 09.23.1821 story

The Genius of Universal Emancipation Newspaper is Published

*On this date in 1821 we celebrate the Genius of Universal Emancipation newspaper.  This was an abolitionist newspaper from Baltimore, Maryland, established by Benjamin Lundy.   Originally, the Manumission Intelligencer became The Emancipator in 1820. In 1821 the paper was bought by Lundy and renamed Genius of Universal Emancipation, running from 1821 to 1839 under Lundy’s editorship. Lundy’s contributions reflected his Quaker views, condemning slavery on moral and religious grounds but advocating […]

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Sun, 09.23.1838 story

Victoria Woodhull, Activist, and Feminist born

*Victoria Woodhull was born on this date in 1838. She was a white-American leader of the women’s suffrage movement. Victoria California Claflin was born the seventh of ten children (six of whom survived to maturity) in the rural frontier town of Homer, Licking County, Ohio. Her mother, Madame Roxanna “Roxy” Hummel Claflin, was born to […]

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Wed, 09.23.1863 story

Mary Church Terrell, Activist born

This date marks the birth of Mary “Mollie” Church Terrell in 1863. She was an African American social activist who was co-founder and first president of the National Association of Colored Women.

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Tue, 09.23.1884 story

A Black Woman Receives a Patent For a Dough Kneader, and Roller

*On this date in 1884, a Black woman received a patent a Dough Kneader and Roller.  From Washington, D.C., Judy W. Reed signed her name with an “X,” her Patent No. # 305474.  She is possibly the first African American woman to receive a patent.   Reference:Created Equal The Lives and Ideas of Black American […]

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Fri, 09.23.1898 story

Heitor dos Prazeres, Composer, and Singer born

*On this date in 1898, Heitor dos Prazeres was born.  He was an Afro Brazilian composer, singer and painter. Heitor dos Prazeres was born in the Rio de Janeiro, to Eduardo Alexandre dos Prazeres, woodworker and clarinetist in the National Guard band, and the seamstress Celestina Gonçalves Martins, living in the Cidade Nova neighborhood. He […]

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Sat, 09.23.1905 story

The Western Library of Louisville, Kentucky Opens

On this date in 1905, the Western Library of Louisville, KY, opened.

Founded by Albert Ernest Meyzeek, it was the first library to serve Louisville’s Black community, and one of the first of its kind in America. Western’s first librarian was Thomas Fountain Blue, Sr., who was assisted by Ms. Rachel Harris. Joseph S. Cotter, poet and playwright, was involved with its early programs and is credited with the early storytelling contests for young people.

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Mon, 09.23.1907 story

Albert Ammons, Jazz Pianist born

*Albert Ammons was born on this date in 1907.  He was a Black pianist and player of boogie-woogie, a bluesy jazz style popular from the late 1930s to the mid-1940s.   Albert Clifton Ammons was born in Chicago, Illinois. His parents were pianists, and he had learned to play by the age of ten. His interest in boogie-woogie is attributed to his close friendship […]

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Sat, 09.23.1911 story

Amzie Moore, Activist born

*On this date in 1911, Amzie Moore was born.  He was a Black activist leader and entrepreneur in the Mississippi Delta.   Moore was born on the Wilkin Mississippi plantation near the Grenada and Carroll county lines.  Left on his own at fourteen after his mother died in 1925, Moore completed high school but could not realize his dream of a college education. Throughout the rest of […]

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