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Fri, 03.03.1820 story

The Missouri Compromise Is Ratified

*The Missouri Compromise with legislative measures was enacted on this date in 1820. This measure allowed The United States Congress to thus regulate the extension of slavery in the United States for the next three decades.

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Mon, 12.28.1896 story

Theodore Boone, Lawyer born

Theodore Sylvester Boone was born on this date in 1896. He was an African American attorney, pastor, author, and editor.

Born in Winchester, Texas, Boone was the son of Alexander and Lillian (Chaney) Boone. He attended Terrell High School in Terrell, Texas, and a number of universities, including Prairie View A&M and Bishop College in Texas. From 1918 to 1920, he studied at Des Moines University and the University of Iowa. In 1921, one year after graduation, he wrote a book titled “Paramount Facts in Race Development.”

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Thu, 08.05.1880 story

Gertrude Rush, Iowa Lawyer born

The birth of Gertrude E. Rush, an African American attorney and activist, in 1880 is celebrated on this date.

She was born in Texas, the daughter of a Baptist minister. Her family also lived in Kansas before landing in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Gertrude attended Des Moines University and studied the law under her attorney-husband James B. Rush. She further studied at Drake and LaSalle universities. Rush was admitted to the Iowa Bar in 1918 as the state’s first Black female lawyer.

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Mon, 07.10.1933 story

Richard Hatcher, Politician, and Lawyer born

*Richard Hatcher was born on this date in 1933. He is an African American politician and law professor.

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Fri, 02.05.1869 story

Minnie Cox, Teacher, and Administrator born

*The birth of Minnie Cox in 1869 is celebrated on this date. She was an African American teacher, and postal administrator.

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Sat, 02.25.1826 story

Alexander G. Clark, Iowa Lawyer born

*Alexander G. Clark was born on this date in 1826. He was a Black laborer, barber, lawyer and activist.

He was born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, to John Clark, a former slave, and Rebecca Darnes Clark. At 13, he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, to learn barbering from an uncle, who also made sure the boy was well-schooled in other areas. Clark left Cincinnati in October 1841, working for a few months as a bartender on the steamboat George Washington before arriving, at 16, in Muscatine (then called Bloomington, in Iowa Territory). It was May 22, 1842.

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Sun, 01.02.1898 story

Sadie Alexander, Lawyer born

On this date Sadie Alexander, an African American lawyer and activist was born in in 1898.

Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander was a pioneer among Black women in United States law and education, and a committed civil rights activist. She was born in Philadelphia into an accomplished family. She was educated in Philadelphia and Washington D.C. Alexander graduated from M Street High School (now Dunbar high school) in Washington, and entered the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Education in 1915. Graduating in 1918, she helped found the gamma Chapter of the Delta Theta Sorority.

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Thu, 01.01.1863 story

The American Emancipation Proclamation Becomes Law

*On this date in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation; ordering that all slaves in rebel territory be freed.

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Fri, 01.03.1834 story

Alonzo Ransier, Politician born

On this date, Alonzo Jacob Ransier was born in 1834. He was an African American politician known for his honesty.

Born free in Charleston, South Carolina, he received a limited education, becoming a shipping clerk at the age of 16. After the Civil War, he was appointed as that state’s registrar of elections.

Ransier’s activity in gaining equality for Blacks was based on equal rights. He traveled to Washington with a petition from a Charleston meeting of the Friends of Equal Rights, pushing for more consideration for the rights of blacks.

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Tue, 01.18.1949 story

William Dawson is Elected as America’s First Black Standing Committee Chairman

On this date in 1949, Rep. William L. Dawson of Illinois was elected chairman of House Expenditures Committee in Congress.

He was the first African American chairman of a standing congressional committee in the United States.

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