The Registry

Wed, 12.06.2017 video

Leontyne Price and Marian Anderson, Anton Armstrong

Director and professor of Choral Music, Dr. Anton Armstrong shares two treasured moments, meeting Leontyne Price and Marian Anderson

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Wed, 04.12.2017 video

Family History, Brenda Bell Brown

Brenda Bell Brown, stage and media performer and educator shares a few locations, names and episodes that make up her family history


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Tue, 03.07.2017 video

Treasured Spoken Word Career Moments, Danez Smith, MATURE LANGUAGE

Danez Smith, author, spoken word artist, poet and educator shares two treasured career moments in his journey thus far



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Wed, 08.17.2016 video

White Audiences, Black Artist, Bill Cottman

Fine Art Photographer Bill Cottman shares a few audience perspectives of his work as a photographer


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Fri, 11.06.2015 video

Admiration: Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Delores Brown and Paul Robeson; Lewis Whitlock

Lewis Whitlock, director, choreographer and educator shares his admiration of four people who shaped his career and character

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Fri, 09.04.2015 video

The Arts In K-12 Schools, Carlyle Brown

Carlyle Brown, playwright, educator, author and artistic director shares his views on why the Arts are important in K12 education

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Fri, 07.31.2015 video

Influential Writers and Artist, Joe Davis

Poet, spoken word artist and educator Joe Davis shares a few of the people who have influenced his work through their wisdom 

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Fri, 05.15.2015 video

Treasured Moments in Dance, Brianna Lewis

Dancer and former gymnast Brianna Lewis shares two special moments on stage in her career as a dancer and young mother


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Mon, 03.23.2015 video

Career Advice, Art Photography, Bill Cottman

Fine Art Photographer Bill Cottman shares a few points on advice to anyone interested in photography as a career choice

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Thu, 03.12.2015 video

The Founding of Compagnie Käfig Dance Company, Mourad Merzouki

Mourad Merzouki (France), founder of Compagnie Käfig dance company shares how his vision of performace became a reality

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