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Fri, 11.21.1930 story

The Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching formed

*On this date in 1930, the Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching (ASWPL) was founded.   Activist, Jesse Ames founded ASWPL with headquarters in Atlanta.  At its beginning, the organization excluded Black women and appealed directly to white southern women to stop lynching. The ASWPL secured the signatures of 40,000 southern women on its ‘Pledge Against Lynching’ (see below). Despite encountering […]

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Fri, 11.02.1883 story

Jessie Daniel Ames, Activist born

*Jessie Daniel Ames was born on this date in 1883.  She was a white-suffragist and American Civil Rights leader.  She was born Jessie Harriet Daniel in Palestine, Texas. Her mother was Laura Maria Leonard and her father was James Malcolm Daniel.  Ames was admitted to the Ladies Annex of Southwestern University at the age of 13 and graduated with a Bachelor of […]

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