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Tue, 03.11.1834 story

Rufus Perry, Minister, and Journalist born

*Rufus Perry was born on this date in 1834. He was a Black educator, journalist, and Baptist minister. Rufus L. Perry was born a slave on a plantation in Smith County, Tennessee to Lewis Perry and Maria. The family was owned by Archibald W. Overton. His father was a talented mechanic, carpenter, and cabinet maker, […]

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Tue, 10.04.1864 story

The National Equal Rights League is Founded

*The National Equal Rights League (NERL) was founded on this date in 1864.  NERL is the oldest national human rights organization in the United States. It was founded at the National Conference of Colored Men in Syracuse, New York, dedicated to the liberation of black people in America. Its origins began with the emancipation of slaves […]

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Wed, 12.27.1820 story

William G. Allen, Academic born

*The birth of William G. Allen is celebrated on this date in ca. 1820. He was a Black academic, intellectual, and lecturer. William Gustavus Allen was born free in Urbana, Virginia, to a mixed-race mother and a Welsh American father. He was a Quarteroon. His birth parents raised Allen in Norfolk, where he attended a school […]

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