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Wed, 02.18.1688 story

Abolitionist in the United States of America, a brief story

*On this date 1688 the Registry shares an article on Abolitionist and the formal beginning to organized group Abolitionism in America.  This was the movement that sought to end slavery in the United States and was active both before and during the American Civil War. In the Americas and Western Europe, abolitionism was a movement that sought to end the Middle […]

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Thu, 04.17.1823 story

Mifflin Gibbs, Businessman, and Abolitionist born

On this date in 1823, Mifflin Gibbs was born. He was a Black entrepreneur, lawyer, and abolitionist.

From Philadelphia, Mifflin Wister Gibbs was born free and attended grade school until his father died in 1831. To help his mother and three siblings, he drove a doctors carriage prior to becoming a carpenter’s apprentice at the age of sixteen. Throughout this time in his life he was a member of the Philomathean Institute, a Colored men’s literacy society and he was active in the Underground Railroad.

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Fri, 05.09.1800 story

John Brown, Abolitionist born

This date marks the birth of John Brown in 1800. He was white American abolitionist whose attempt to end slavery by force greatly increased anxiety between North and South in the period before the American Civil War.

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Tue, 06.06.1826 story

Sarah Remond, Abolitionist born

On this date in 1826, Sarah Parker Remond was born. She was a Black woman who was an abolitionist and one of the most articulate public speakers of her time.

She was born in Salem, MA, one of eight children. Although she had little schooling she educated herself by reading books, pamphlets, and newspapers borrowed from friends or purchased from the Anti-Slavery Society of her community. Her family and associates included many activists of the times, and Remond witnessed many of the effects of slavery and racism involving the Underground Railroad.

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Sat, 09.24.1825 story

Frances E. Watkins Harper, Poet, and Abolitionist born

Frances Ellen Watkins Harper was born on this date in 1825. She was a Black poet, writer, and lecturer, as well as an anti-slavery, women’s rights, and temperance activist.

Harper was from Baltimore, MD., where she attended Baltimore’s Academy for Negro Youth school. There she studied Greek, Latin, and the Bible. Writing poetry as a teenager, she started her career as a writer in 1845 by publishing the poetry collection, “Forest Leaves.”

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Thu, 10.09.1823 story

Mary Ann Shadd, Abolitionist born

*On this date in 1823, Mary Ann Shadd Cary was born in Wilmington, Delaware. She was a Black educator and administrator.

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Sun, 11.06.1814 story

William Wells Brown, Writer, and Abolitionist born

William Wells Brown was born on this date in 1814. He was a Black antislavery lecturer, a groundbreaking novelist, a playwright, and a historian.

Brown was born on a plantation outside Lexington, KY, to a George Higgins, a white plantation owner and relative of the owner of the plantation where Brown was born, and an African slave mother.

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Sat, 12.23.1815 story

Henry Garnet, Abolitionist born

On this date in 1815, Henry H. Garnet was born. He was a Black theologian and abolitionist.

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Mon, 03.06.1797 story

Gerrit Smith, Abolitionist born

*Gerrit Smith was born on this date in 1797. He was a White American abolitionist. From Utica, New York, in 1806 he came with his parents to Peterboro, New York, in Madison County.

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Thu, 11.10.1735 story

British Abolitionist, Granville Sharpe born

Granville Sharpe was born on this date in 1735. He was a European abolitionist and philanthropist.

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