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Wed, 12.26.1877 story

‘Jim Crow Laws’ in America, a story

Jim Crow Laws are featured on this date. These were any of the laws that enforced racial segregation in the American South between the end of the formal Reconstruction period (1877) and the beginning of the strong civil-rights movement (1950s).

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Thu, 08.23.1917 story

Black Soldiers Fight Jim Crow in Houston

On this date in 1917 Black soldiers in Houston, TX, retaliated against white racism.

The hostile racial climate in Houston after Reconstruction was a constant reminder to Blacks of their second-class citizenship. When a battalion of the 24th Infantry arrived there, the soldiers resented the racial epithets of whites working on a nearby National Guard camp, the segregation on local streetcar lines, and the violence the police used against them. Many of the older, more steady, noncommissioned black officers had been reassigned elsewhere as the country prepared for World War I.

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Fri, 07.07.1950 story

Apartheid, Africa’s ‘Jim Crow’ Becomes Law

*On this date in 1950, the Population Registration Act No 30 of 1950 began in South Africa; the beginning of South African Apartheid.

This law required people to be identified and registered from birth as one of four distinct racial groups: White, Colored, Bantu (Black African), and other. It was one of the ‘pillars’ of Apartheid. Race was reflected in the individual’s Identity Number.

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Fri, 05.20.1808 story

Thomas Rice, The Face of ‘Jim Crow’ born

*Thomas Dartmouth Rice was born on this date in1808. He was a White entertainer and playwright who popularized the Jim Crow character in minstrel shows.

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Fri, 12.27.1799 story

Jim Thompson, Trapper, and Translator born

*The birth of Jim Thompson is celebrated on this date c 1799.  He was a Black, laborer, translator, and trapper in the Minnesota territories.   James Thompson was born a slave in Virginia.  His first trip into Minnesota country came in 1827 with his owner, sutler John Culbertson while he sold slave-produced merchandise to the First […]

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Mon, 09.04.1916 story

Jimmie McDaniel, Tennis Player born

*Jimmie McDaniel was born on this date in 1916. He was a Black tennis player. Raised in Los Angeles, McDaniel attended Manual Arts High School. His father, Willis McDaniel, was a former baseball player in the Negro leagues who worked as a Pullman porter in Los Angeles; his mother, Ruby, was a domestic worker. Although the only […]

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Mon, 02.16.1852 story

William S. Scarborough, Scholar born

*This date in 1852 marks the birth of William Sander Scarborough. He was an African American scholar and University President.

William Scarborough was born in Macon, Georgia. As a child he studied with a free Black family and white neighbors learning carpentry and shoe making. He was emancipated during the Civil War, entered Atlanta University in 1869, and then went on to Oberlin College for his Masters degree. He taught for a time amidst the Jim Crow Laws in the south.

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Mon, 05.18.1896 story

The Supreme Court Upholds Plessy v. Ferguson

On this date in 1896, the Supreme Court upheld Plessy v. Ferguson. This “separate but equal” Louisiana decree marked the formal beginning of Jim Crow Laws and an end to Reconstruction.

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Sat, 12.26.1908 story

Jack Johnson Becomes America’s First Black Heavyweight Boxing Champion

On this date in 1908, Jack Johnson became the first African American to win the world heavyweight boxing title.

Johnson knocked out Canadian Tommy Burns in the 14th round in a championship fight near Sydney, Australia. Whites hated Johnson, who held the heavyweight title until 1915, for his defiance of the “Jim Crow” racial segregation and oppression of early 20th-century America.

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Mon, 08.09.1948 story

White Journalist Reports Facts on the Segregated South

*On this date in 1948, a white man’s account of being Black in the segregated south was published. Ray Sprigle a white reporter with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette set out to document his experiences of being Black in “Jim Crow” South.

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