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Sun, 07.07.2002

Black Teenager Beaten By Police In Los Angeles

On this date in 2002, police brutality continued toward young Black men.

A white Inglewood, California, police officer, Jeremy Morse, was videotaped slamming 16-year-old Donovan Jackson (who is Black) onto the trunk of a squad car and then punching him in the head at a gas station. Bystander Mitchell Crooks made the videotape.

The video showed Morse lifting a handcuffed Jackson to his feet and slamming the youth's face into a car hood. With a streak of blood next to his ear, Morse struck Jackson in the face with his fist. Another officer was arraigned for tampering with the report.

Officer Morse was indicted by a grand jury on an assault charge on July 17 and fired from the police force in October 2002.

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