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Sun, 02.15.1942

Caroline R. Jones, Marketing Executive born

Caroline Robinson Jones

*This date marks the birth of Caroline Robinson Jones in 1942. She was an Black businesswoman and entrepreneur.

Born in Benton Harbor, MI. a graduate of the University of Michigan, Jones got her Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in English and Science. She created the Caroline R. Jones Dean's Merit Scholarship there and served on the Visiting Committee for the College of Literature, Science and the Arts. Jones' thoughts and instincts carried her a long way when she began her career in 1963 as a Secretary-Copywriter Trainee at J. Walter Thompson Company (JWT). Within weeks, she was promoted to the creative director of their largest account. Soon after Jones was promoted to junior writer. For more than five years, she was the voice of reason behind a series of national campaigns. Jones helped write "100 Years of Advertising: The J. Walter Thompson Story" special issue of Advertising Age.

Her advertising campaigns were a collective blend of sophistication and soul. For more than 30 years, she was on the cutting edge, generating upbeat and charismatic campaigns. Jones' remarkable creativity inspired many women and people of color to seek careers in advertising and marketing. Prior to starting Caroline Jones Incorporated, she was a founder, Executive Vice President and Creative Director of Mingo-Jones. There she brought her experience as Vice President and Creative Group Head and was the first Black woman ever elected Vice President of a major advertising agency.  Jones was also vice president and co-creative director at Zebra Associates. Jones' contributions to the business were widespread. In addition to the creative reputation she enjoyed, she was often a speaker and lecturer.

Her associations included the Committee of 200, International Women's Forum, Advertising Woman of New York and the Boards of the New York City Partnership, Eureka Communities, The Advertising Council and the VCU Ad Center, Richmond, VA. A former Advertising Woman of the Year, she produced some of the most unforgettable campaigns in advertising history. Her presence in the advertising community motivated larger agencies to re-examine the manner in which they market to African Americans and people of color. Caroline Robinson Jones died of cancer in New York at age 59 in July 2001.

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