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Fri, 06.05.1885

The Western Appeal Newspaper begins

June 1885 edition (copy)

*The Western Appeal was first published on this date in 1885.  It was a 19th century progressive Black owned newspaper.  

It was started by Samuel E. Hardy and John T. Burgett with Frederick Douglass Parker, who also served as the newspaper's first editor. It was a weekly paper, with an edition each Friday containing news, editorials, advertisements, and a literary page. It was one of the most successful Black newspapers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Founded in St. Paul, Minnesota, it was published in six separate editions in cities across the United States at the height of its popularity. In 1889 the newspaper changed its name to The Appeal to reflect its expanded geographic scope.  In 1885 there were less than 1500 Black residents in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul area.  Black newspapers were common at the time, but few of them lasted longer than a year, since they were started for cultural purposes more than commercial ones. Subscription rates were affordable, only two dollars a year, but the paper was already struggling financially by the end of 1886. The Western Appeal weekly newspaper published until 1923.  

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