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  • Mon, 2016-06-06

    *This date celebrates the beginning of Ramadan 2015. Because of this, the Registry looks briefly at Islam and African-America.


  • Sat, 2016-08-13

    *On this date in 2016, the Bud Billiken parade will take place in Chicago. It is the largest African American Parade in the United States.

  • Sat, 2016-09-24

    *The National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) opened on this date in 2016.

    The museum's building, designed by...

  • Mon, 2017-02-13

    *This date from 1995, observes National African American Parent Involvement Day (NAAPID). Inspired by the Million Man March, it was created to...

  • Mon, 2018-01-15

    *In honor of Martin Luther King Day which was first celebrated in 1986, we have the text of his speech I have a Dream. The Martin Luther King Day...