Goals & Outcomes

Teacher’s Forum:

Assist E12 school staff in developing a consistent pedagogy that teaches by reaching students with factual diverse content in all subjects everyday.  To support higher education schools of education with curriculum reform for all core level teaching students.

  • 2015: Southwest High School, moderate success as white dominated staff remained reluctant to diverse curriculum modification.
  • 2016: Anwatin Middle School, quite successful with staff and student engagement and overall improvement in the buildings mission.
  • 2017: Legislature, our bill (HF 870) passed; we are preparing over 700 pre-service teaching students at the University of St. Thomas school of education and Metropolitan St. University School of Urban Education until 2019. They (tomorrows teachers)  will be culturally and community classroom ready in order to graduate and receive licensure.
  • 2019: Our assessment, testimonies and field data make us creditable enough to approach post-secondary teacher education departments. We are preparing over 400 more pre-service teaching students at the University of St. Thomas school of education and Minnesota St. University Mankato School of Education until 2021. They (tomorrows teachers) are benefiting racially and culturally in preparation to graduate and receive licensure.

Street Team Youth Programs (HD in HD and INNW):

To expand our community relationships to implement both Street Teams to bridge racial and generational gaps and interact youth with history through our content and program methods.

  • 2016: Hope Academy, HD in HD program successfully implemented.
  • 2017: Legislature, our bill failed but public policy relationships were established.
  • This is being reintroduced in 2018 and currently directed towards alternative partnerships.
  • 2019:  Our INNW youth program receive support from the city of St. Paul for a twelve week interracial and inter-generational program for Hmong American. and African American middle school youth and elders.  The goal is instill knowledge or similarities and differences without judgement.