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Our Teacher’s Forum® uses our articles and videos to create African American history curriculum to enhance all subjects. This subscription service will effectively assist all licensed teachers, teacher candidates with their learning goals. Reasonably priced (for groups) with media enhanced format plus 1-year full access to features, tools and effectiveness:

  • Professional Coaching (Zoom, Conference Call or On-Site) for one year 😷😷😷😷😷
  • Post Subscription evaluation surveys (on-site, telephone or e-mail) for one year
  • 24/7 Subscriber online acess to discussion board option
  • 24/7 Subscriber access to our complete (video tutorial) workshop for review
  • 24/7 Online access to all video/podcast and text articles updates
Teacher's Forum

Thank you for your interest in online education and learning. African American Registry’s Teacher’s Forum subscription services support all licensed teachers and teacher candidates. We used the most comprehensive content to teach African American history curriculum.  Reasonably priced, we supply E-12 school staff and tomorrows teachers 1-year full access  which includes:


  • Staff Development workshop with an unmatched tutorial of Media support
  • Technically designed with the Teacher in mind, Flexible
  • Distinct subject matter that is accessible outside the classroom
  • Brilliantly conceived diverse teaching tool for all subjects
  • Lesson Plans, which meet all National Standards
  • A visionary resource to constructively affirm and critique the black experience in all of America
  • Emphasis towards the critical thought process in absorbing all subjects for students and teachers
  • Subscribers receive discounts on future Educational Conferences and Products of African American Registry


  • Workshop, Simple Solutions for Successful Teaching (Zoom or On-site)
  • Professional Coaching (Lead Teachers, Integration & Equity Teams, etc.), available for Parent Groups
  • Evaluation, data assessment surveys for Higher Education Teacher Candidates
  • 24/7 online access to Educator Discussion Board for staff interaction (depending on schools code of conduct policy)
  • 24/7 online access to the Workshop for review
  • 24/7 online access to Media and Text article updates
  • CEU Credits for re-licensure and classroom credits for pre-service juniors and seniors


  • Career references and statistics through the US department of labor
  • 24/7 online “Rights to Use” of our classroom lesson plans
  • Text articles connect curriculum subjects with primary resources through video narratives
  • Access to over 20 sub-links, social  media and learning programs for youth


  • E-12 One-Year Subscriptions per School (optional bi-monthly Coaching):
    • Elementary and Middle Schools – $5,000
    • High School – $7,000
    • All subscriptions receive a 50% renewal yearly rate.
    • E-12 or Program Staff evaluation and assessment is encouraged.

    E-12 School Districts One-Year Subscriptions (includes bi-monthly Coaching, evaluation, and assessment):

    • Pre-K, elementary, junior (middle) senior high schools, maximum 500 staff, – $10,000- $30,000, based on district size and the number of staff.
    • All subscriptions receive a 50% renewal yearly rate.
    • E-12 or Program Staff evaluation and assessment is encouraged.

    Higher Education One-Year Subscriptions (includes Bi-Monthly Coaching, evaluation, and assessment):

    • Undergraduate (junior/senior) College of Education, Post Baccalaureate, Graduate, maximum 500 teacher candidates – $10,000 – $30,000, based on number of participating students.
    • Individual college students or faculty/staff $175.00
    • All individual subscriptions renew after year one for 50% off / $100.00.
    • All individual subscriptions renew after year two for 50% off / $50.00.
    • E-12 or Program Staff evaluation and assessment is encouraged.

    **Student teachers or other field experience students must subscribe through their college or university.  Contact the Teacher’s Forum for pricing information for the following:

    • Higher Education Semester subscription
    • Subscription renewal voucher available without Coaching
    • Discounts for Districts and Consortium’s and all renewals
    • Bi-Monthly Coaching
    • E-12 or Program Staff (groups of 50 or more)
    • College of Education departments

All costs are subject to change


Smart Phones, Tablets, and Laptops are the systems that professionals and teacher candidates are increasingly using to communicate, receive and send information. Our responsive platform embraces African American history curriculum and this connectivity.  Zoom or Hangouts are used with online classrooms. Factual articles and media on the intersectionality Asian, Latino, European and Native Americans have with African American Heritage. Our subscribers become more culturally competent. New graduates and certified teachers have an inside track for employment internationally.