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Are you interested in donating to the Registry?

There are a variety of ways to make a charitable gift to African American Registry, which may provide tax advantages for you. Please consult your adviser for your best giving option(s). Below are a few recommendations for consideration. If you would like more information or would like to have this information mailed to you please call 612-822-6831 or click here to donate now.


At age 70 ½, IRA owners are required by law to take mandatory minimum distributions. An increasingly popular way to make gifts tax-free, transfers to African American Registry must be made directly from the IRA or by writing a check from the IRA up to a $100,000 limit. Now that the IRA Charitable Rollover legislation is passed permanently, this enables donors to plan each year in advance.
Full Legal Name of AAR: African American Registry
Federal Tax I.D. Number: 01-0787894


Through Donor-Advised Funds, you make irrevocable contributions to a fund you establish, often in your name or to honor a family member. The most typical charitable sponsors are community foundations and funds affiliated with financial service firms. You then claim a charitable deduction for income tax purposes and recommend that money be granted to African American Registry. These organizations work closely with us to fulfill your charitable goals. Please allow 2-3 months for your recommendation to be fulfilled by calendar year end.


Another option to match your philanthropic intent with African American Registry’s education mission is to make a grant from your family foundation. A private family foundation by law must distribute a minimum of 5% of its assets yearly to charity. African American Registry often benefits from family foundations that give grants for general operations or to fund a specific educational content or youth programs. We can work closely with family members and/or foundation appointed administrators to jointly fulfill the mission of donors and African American Registry.

Donors can be foundations or individuals. All contributions are 100% tax deducible. African American Registry is grateful for your support. Contact us for more information on gifts, honorariums, and more at

African American Registry is a certified 501 © 3 non-profit by the Charity Reviews Council.