Street Team - Sweden

Street Team - Sweden

Street Team – Sweden is a virtual study abroad program. It engages participants in interactive knowledge exchange and promotes intercultural dialogue through the African and African American experiences.

Street Team – Sweden instructs with two PowerPoint’s, audio, and hypertext, all downloadable. *PowerPoint #1 includes an introduction to Sweden (geography and history), immigration, the Black Swede, contemporary representatives, and a brief lesson. (Slides 3 and 10 in PowerPoint # 1 are read-only).                                                                                                                                                             *PowerPoint #2 has demographic trends, vocabulary, and sources. (Slide 10 is read-only).      

*Below PowerPoint #2 are the demographics of Sweden.
Street Team – Sweden’s creators are three progressive women, Felicia, Liz, and Maggie.  They aim to develop life and leadership skills globally through an anti-racism curriculum and media production.  We want to hear from you. For questions or comments, contact our office at 612-822-6831 (call or text) or email us at


Click on either of the presentations below to download and review. Make sure to put your sound on for visual cues!