Street Team Civics

Street Team Civics is our website and social media outlet for millennial expression about public policy. Created in 2020, it provided responses to where race intersects with police brutality and voter suppression.

Beginning in September this year, the program will use our Twitter and Instagram pages to allow youth to speak weekly on Mondays.  Below are some examples of the knowledge of millennials.

Street Team Civics gives Youth a Guided Voice, one of the main goals of African American Registry. This page is a rotation of short “to the point” video commentary on government, society, and public policy opinions by young people. 

We want to work with your community to create Street Team Civics. For collaborative and stakeholder information, contact our office at 612-822-6831 or email us at

Protesting Racism in Ireland

A response to voter suppression

Democracies Philosophy, a response

Hope For Democracy