The Registry

Who We Are

African American Registry® (the Registry)

A 501 (c) 3 non-profit, with the most comprehensive on-line database resource of African American heritage in the world.

Our Mission: Inspiring the Young Minds of Our Future

Our Method: Teacher Preparation, Technology, Youth Programs

Our Goal: Curriculum Reform, Giving Youth a Guided Voice

Classroom Service

E-12 and Teacher Candidate Development through our Teacher's Forum. Our workshop includes HD video tutorials, lesson plans, coaching and ongoing support. This service is perfect for licensed E-12 teachers and more effective with higher education teacher candidates to enhance the cultural and family capacity of the teachers of tomorrow.


High Definition videos that enhance our articles and preserve our stories. Called Voices That Guide Us, they assist teachers and inspire all students and communities to value themselves, education and African America more. We also use our Podcast, Blog and Social Media pages for interaction (FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram and TikTok; COME FOLLOW US!!!!!

Youth Programs

Our Street Team programs bring middle school youth of different races together with Elders for recorded and published dialogue. This allows cross-cultural and cross-generational bonding for a valuable life experience of intersectionality, it's called If Not Now When. We also challenge youth to research our content (episodes, locations or people) to create (write) provocative questions. They verbalize and we publish their question on camera so they interact with and teach the world, its called the HD Challenge.


Our Signature coffee mug (three colors), Our signature T Shirts (long and short sleeves) white on black or black on white and our Signature water bottles (three colors). All items are in our Registry Store. Coming soon our Registry Membership. By joining, your level (s) help us expand our mission. Stay tuned and thank you for your interest and support.

Our Entrusted &

Esteemed Board

Benjamin Mchie
Image of Benjamin Mchie
Executive Director

Educational Consultant, Historian, Author and Media Producer

Dr. Marc Mauseth
Image of Dr. Marc Mauseth
Treasure, Chair/Finance

Sports Scientist, Baseball Coach, Lawyer

Dr. Yvonne Banks
Image of Dr. Yvonne Banks
Chair/Edu committee

Dean, Professor, Education, Metro State University

Alexander Hines
Image of Alexander Hines

Dir. of Diversity, Equity and Access & the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) and President's Emerging Scholars Programs
College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Antonia Wilcoxin
Image of Dr. Antonia Wilcoxin

Dr. Antonia Wilcoxon, Ed.D. Equity Strategist, Community-Centered Engagement, Leadership Development

Lisa Tabor
Image of Lisa Tabor

Diversity Consultant, President, Culture Brokers LLC

Joseph K. Selvaggio
Image of Joseph K. Selvaggio

Philanthropist, Businessman, Author and Community Activist

Sharman Barrett
Image of Sharman Barrett

Sharman Davis Barrett, Pacer Center, Family Disability Consultant

Dr. Kimberly Roan
Image of Dr. Kimberly Roan

CEO Roan Consulting. Pres., Association of Black Women in Higher Education (Minnesota Chapter)

Jonathan Marcus
Image of Jonathan Marcus

Cinema & Media Production,
Intel Studios, Los Angeles, CA.

Nehita Onwubuya
Image of Nehita Onwubuya

Registered Correctional Nurse, Youth Advocate, Frances McHie Scholar.

Burke Murphy
Image of Burke Murphy
Board Member

Strategist for Rural, Urban, and International Economic Competitiveness. Adjunct faculty teaching