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Journal of The Registry is a community ally and catalyst for social change through the advocacy of inclusive justice. The primary goal is to offer an open source for voices, visions and thoughts that are often buried in the noise of doing the work at all levels of society.  Journal of The Registry is a space to challenge communities and to propel those in positions of power to make the real, substantive changes necessary in order to bring about true equity through Black America. To be informed and literate of one’s intersections with others can be difficult yet is required for clarity, the final step to understanding.









About the Founding Co-Editors

Benjamin Mchie is founder and executive director of the African American Registry®. He approaches the opening concept of Journal of The Registry with over 50 combined years of anti-racism work.

Julie Landsman comes to the Registry as an activist and writer. She taught in the Minneapolis Public Schools for 28 years. Her book A White Teacher Talks About Race is used in classrooms today.

Yvonne RB-Banks, Ed.D. comes to the Journal of the Registry editorial Board with over 35 years in public and private education; as teacher, professor and administrator. Her travels, both domestically and internationally allow her to explore many diverse topics.

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Benjamin Mchie, Exe. Director
African American Registry®
Minneapolis, Long Beach

Dear Author,

You are cordially invited to submit your academic articles in all education related areas for publication in our next Journal of the Registry. Our spring 2021 issue will undergo review and evaluation by our editorial board after Dec. 15th 2020 deadline.

Acceptance Notification: You will be notified by the editorial board upon acceptance of your article after the review and evaluation process on February 1, 2021.

Send your articles (MS Word format only) to the editor at:

Thanks & Regards,
Benjamin Mchie, Exe. Director
African American Registry®
Minneapolis, Long Beach

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