Volunteer: You Can Make a Difference

If your class and or an individual student is passionate about education we have volunteer opportunities.  Example:  A student could get classroom credit or recognition you create for submitting to our database a family story or they could write a blog (both must meet our review).

Contact our office with your ideas or for more details, 612-822-6831 or email us at info@aaregistry.org.

Internships: Educational Field Work Initiative with African American Registry

Internships currently cover Library/Information Sciences and Media Production for students in two and four year colleges. We also are receptive to ways to use technology to gather both written and media content.

Contact us at 612-822-6831 or info@aaregistry.org.

Employment: Expanding Administrative and Field Work with African American Registry

Currently we are interested in an office management position for Minneapolis/St. Paul only.  This is clerical scheduling of our Exe. Dir. and board committee personnel, with some vetting of website content required on a weekly basis.  Salary open at this point.

We are searching for a youth program facilitator (remote) California position.   Deliverables include securing contract participation letters of commitment from community service agencies, schools or corporations.  This must guarantee a financial and personnel  investment and participation with our Street Team youth programs.  Contact us at 612-822-6831 or info@aaregistry.org.