INNW & HD Challenge

Our youth programs are designed to help young people value heritage more, learn from history and give their voices guidance.  They are structured to honor Safe Space protocol 😷😷 Distance Learning formats (Zoom, Skype, etc).

We call our programs Street Teams and we currently have two. INNW & the HD Challenge  They work with youth between ages 8 thru 18 connecting them with other races and elders in their community and preserve their experiences.   We also challenge them to do research with our content and align their choices with their birthday, an episode, person or location.


Connecting young people to learn and appreciate other youths and elders through video recorded dialogue.

We also guide them to unearth specifically how they are connected to their history in episodes, people of locations.


Bridging generational and racial gaps with honest, safe questions and answers environments.

Giving young people added choice with our extensive content as they research.  They learn about Information Literacy!


Relationships are created; and experiences are shared on social media and our ‘Street Team’ Registry pages.

Writing and oral (speaking) skills are developed and they receive a hard copy of their work.

Street Team programs represent a crucial part of our mission, ‘Inspiring the Young Minds of Our Future’.   They grow because they are an investment model in people and locations.  We require College students and/or community members to learn how to implement and carry on our program.  That way we instill buy-in for each community to profit from themselves.

Partners learn our syllabus and curriculum to replicate future INNW programs independently. Youth who participate and excel will share their experience and become ambassadors for our youth programs. Budget requirements for INNW are because foundation support starts at around 20K to cover all costs. Commitment from partners for the entire term of each program is a must.  If you would like more information or to create a Street Team in your community contact the Registry at 612-822-6831 or email us at