Street Team International

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About: Street Team International

Street Team International is a virtual study abroad program on our website. It engages participants in an exchange of knowledge and promotes intercultural dialogue through African and African American experiences. We also explore civic engagement and develop life and leadership skills through an anti-racism curriculum and media production. 

Street Team Global Ambassadors instruct with PowerPoints, videos, and hypertexts. They include an introduction to the home country, practicing key language phrases, a presentation on civic engagement and immigration, and examining racism and xenophobia from their perspective. Each virtual compilation has a lesson plan, including questions for further discussion, suggested readings, and additional resources.

Street Team International is purposefully flexible to accommodate broad audiences. As we grow, participants can visit more countries in our library, Brazil 🇧🇷, Ireland 🇮🇪, Ghana 🇬🇭, and Israel 🇮🇱; so participants can virtually visit destinations across the globe.  Our first Street Team International program country is Sweden

For more information about collaborating a Street Team International in your community, call or text the Registry at 612-822-6831 or email us at