About Us

African American Registry® is an unparalleled scholarship opportunity for American heritage. Our mission is "Inspiring the Young Minds of Our Future" African American Registry® offers an exceptional global connection to the wisdom of African American heritage through this history and culture. We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit education organization, below are the people who make our mission work!

Online Community
Jonathan Marcus

Jonathan writes the Registry Blogs, Polls, Facebook and Twitter content that encourage a voice for anyone seeking a more diverse perspective (youth in particular). Articulate, passionate and insightful, we appreciate his millennial views of and for the under 30 visitors we have globally. A former student athlete, Jon is an American Studies Graduate from the University of California Berkeley.

HD in HD
Felicia Johnson

Felicia manages and implements the Curriculum for our Street Team "If Not Now When" (INNW) program. She is a Co-Founder of the S.T.A.R.T. (Students Together As Racial Allies in Trust) program at her high school. She has also done (on camera) work for our Street Team HD in HD contest. A student attendee at the 98th A.S.A.L.H. Conference, Felicia is a 2014 American Studies graduate at MaCalester College and current Master Program student in Sweden.

Black Box
Madeline Spoline

Madeline researches and coordinates much of the production of our Black Box personal narratives including doing many interviews and editing the content for the website. She created our original Street Team INNW curriculum and has also done research and (on camera) work for the Street Team HD in HD contest! A college junior from California, Madeline is majoring in Sociology, Hispanic & American Studies.

Teacher’s Forum
Annette Smith

Annette has been instrumental in creating our K-12 Staff Development Service from its beginning. She created our four (above state standards) Teacher’s Forum lesson plans, inspired our Discussion Board, Parent and Grandparent sub-link and has supported the Street Team INNW program too. A Hamline University graduate, Annette is a retired K-12 teacher who taught many students of color and cultures for over 34 years.

Benjamin Mchie

Benjamin is Executive Director and principle of the Registry’s mission. He is an author, historian, multi-media producer, public speaker and educational consultant. Mchie oversees everything that is published on aaregistry.org. He is passionate about affirming more of America’s untold stories and developing methods to bring races, cultures and generations closer together. Mchie is a Speech Communications graduate of Long Beach State University.