Jobs with African American Registry


African American Registry is looking for people who are passionate about the black experience and have a desire to communicate that passion in the following areas:  



1. Curriculum Diversity Trainer for K-12 Teachers:


A qualified person to blend and explore classroom subjects and cultural diversity through our website, products and lesson plans.  

Show other educators how to recognize stereotypes, and how to develop a personal awareness of racial exclusion in any curriculum.  

To display these skills for classroom use in schools, community agencies or business through African American Registry website.


Minimum qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in education or a related field

Previous experience in curriculum development will be given preference



2. Web Ad Space and Sponsorship Sales:


A qualified individual to create a ‘sweet spot’ of corporate and public website support with client and Registry missions.  

Through sales we desire a person who will stimulate our existing visitor base while creating new communities with worldwide corporations and businesses.


Minimum qualifications:

Bachelor’s or Associates degree in business management, communications, public affairs, or a related field

Previous experience in public affairs, or web sales will be given preference



3. Grant Writer and Fundraiser:


Fund development leader with experience and knowledge of educational policy and programs.  

Ability to leverage resources and relationships for project success. 

A creative approach to challenges for resolution is essential.

The candidate must move easily within multiple settings and audiences – public, private and non-profit. 


Minimum qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations or 2 or more years of experience with grant writing or fundraising.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please submit your resume, salary requirements and a statement of interest to:


African American Registry

O: 612-822-6831

F: 612-825-0598

M: 612-242-3945



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