A Black Woman Speaks by Beah Richards

1. A black woman speaks of white womanhood. What gives her the right?
–slavery, lynching, etc have to do with white women.

2. Would like to speak of it as it will and should be.
What is that? When white womanhood stands for full equality.
–but it is not there yet.

Why? Still a superiority thing and a need to separate for their own validation.
–this is taught to them by white supremacists.

3. White womanhood, slavery too; only to a different degree.
You were “willing slaves”
Both sold in different ways, and you did not fight.

4. She is fighting for unity just as she fought for freedom.
We are women together.

5. White supremacy poisoned —
“White skin is supreme” and you didn’t protest
as even in your pink slavery somehow thought “my wasted blood confirmed your superiority.”

6. Both bore him sons—in different, yet similar ways.
What happened to sons she bore? – sold!
Your reaction—you felt avenged, taking his infidelity out on you as if you were the enemy.

7. You hated slavery, but abhorred equality.

8. But together we can be free and achieve justice, peace and human equality with plenty for all…..

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