I am as old as sin quiet as it’s kept
As ancient as an exorcism from paradise
I used to swing by my feet,
make a dance out of trees catching me,
I used to stand on my hands and throw huge rocks
with the bow of my legs
I used to outrun daylight
home to a woman dressed in nightfall
older than the blues older than the grace of sitting years
later on the porch of a rocking chair poem
I used to turn my eyes insideout
and cure a headache,
in a time before color 3D TV
in a time before footprints on the moon
in a time before the wheel


let me tell you of a time long before Lucifer:
when the sky and the sea were the same,
when we could swim to the stars
I am slowdragging against the walls of a cave
combing the wind with my hair,
I wear a rainbow as my diaper
and a feather in my ear,
I am tapdancing majestic waves
surfing for the rocky ground
where the tribe waits
They throw chains out to fetch me,
pulling me in like old age
with open arms,
they bite and growl a song
which welcomes me.
Even then there was more to the world than meets the eye…


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