AMOS 1963 by Margaret Walker.

Amos is a shepherd of suffering sheep;
A pastor preaching in the depths of Alabama
Preaching social justice to the Southland
Preaching to the poor a new gospel of love
With words of a god and the dreams of a man
Amos is our loving Shepherd of the sheep Crying out to the stricken land
“You have sold the righteous for silver and the poor for a pair of shoes.

My God is a mighty avenger And He shall come with His rod in His hand.”

Preaching to the persecuted and the disinherited millions
Preaching love and justice to the solid southern land
Amos is a Prophet with a vision of brotherly love
With a vision and a dream of the red hills of Georgia
“when Justice shall role down like water And Righteousness like mighty stream.”

Amos is our Shepherd standing in the Shadow of our God Tending
his flocks all over the hills of Albany And seething streets of Selma and
bitter Birmingham……

Margaret Walker

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