AND SHE WAS BAD by Marvin Wyche, Jr.

she slid past
so fly & outtasight
that whistles didn’t phase her
her strut putting roosters to shame
had a keyhole figure that would open any door
had knobs that would turn any head
she was bad jack awww she way fly

she had the brown est of eyes
matching a smooth ebony complexion
glimpsed now and then
through tons of cream-style makeup
her dress was mini’s mammy revealed beaucoup booty
and her stockings changed colors every five miles.
she was decorated in
silver dipped jew els imported from jap-an
her fingernails were miniature
rainbows man she was up on all the latest fashions
cause she was bad yeah she was fly

her afro wig was shaped
to bring out its fullll naturalness????
her lips were painted by max factor himself
myself scoped her and said:
hey sister like whuss your name?
and she looked around
to see if my SISTER was as bad as she was…

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