DEALING SCRAPS by Ruth Garnett.

I must have back this breath
you take away
like wine.

Your love
is formidable, like night
and certain prodding
to sobs.

When you leave
it is with nothing left;
weird shadow
haunt the light
and gaunt reflection
in glass.

I have lingered
at my neighbor’s house
to steal from time
and her sorrows

I seek out strangers.

In my own house
I am stranger
to the thick presence
of your absence.

For these hours
I invent
importances. These thoughts
have pulled all threads.
My mind is limp.
Your lust carried me
to this trickery
when you racked the crannies of
my woman’s heart.
I do not think
I can no longer
make magic.

I have exhausted
patience. Every thing has
drained away

except this desperate love
except this desperate love…

Ruth Garnett

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